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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wandering back from the flea market, etc.

I am a little late posting today.  I don't suppose anybody noticed.  And yes, I have an excuse or two.  I have to admit that I did sleep in a little bit and that my wife wanted to leave a little earlier than usual to head out to the flea market.  She bought so much she had to take several trips back to the Jeep with her bags and boxes and stuff.  But guess what, I even purchased something.  I couldn't go home with out this plaque.  It is the metal one on the right side of this picture:

It is sad but true.  Also, it made me smile so I bought it.  The other one had a good saying on it, too, but I only bought the funny one.  On the same table was cigarette machine.  You stick a blank (filter and rolled paper) in a hole on the side (as shown) and then dump tobacco in the slot.  You then grab hold of that lever and pull it around and it stuffs the blank cigarette with tobacco.  I quit smoking way over 20 years ago, so didn't see a use for it.

We were late getting back home.  It was lunch time and as we were eating there was a knock on the door.  It was a census guy saying that a random number of people from the census two years ago were picked for a follow up more in-depth interview.  We happened to be one of those picked.  To keep from being bothered by the dogs, we went out to the motor-home and talked to him out there.  He was quite an interesting fellow and an interview that only took a few minutes stretched into way over an hour or so.  There was just so much to talk about and you all know how much I just love to talk.  He is now probably trying to make up all that time he lost but we became friends and he said that he and his wife may stop by sometime, or if he is back in the area he will surely stop.  Makes me feel good that someone, other than our dogs, likes my company.  Then again, maybe it was my wife's companyOK, it was both of us, right?  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Do you legally have to talk to a census person for a 2 yr follow-up? I didn't mind the basic census questios but if I would have been selected for the "big one" I would probably still be sitting in the clinker. Two year follow-up for me? Never! But glad you complied and enjoyed yourself.

  2. You've got a good attitude, Dizzy.

    I have to laugh at your plaque . . . or cry because it's too true. :)

  3. Gypsy, I have a good sense of humor and if one can't find something to smile about, well then nothing is worth doing. I don't know if I had to talk to him or not, but I like to talk, so. . .

    Sixbears, If it were not true it would not be so funny.

  4. He was probably casing the place! If that super rv is missing, you should have a good discreption of the guy!

  5. I had one of those cig. makers,,was too much trouble to make as many as I needed, not fast enough.
    Loved your plaque! Yep, need those smiles.
    I would never have trusted that man, let alone let him stay...lol.

  6. Annon, my wife called a friend of ours in Pennsylavania who is a census taker and put him on the phone with her and she asked for his id numbers and other verification. I am too trusting, but my wife keeps me from getting into too much trouble.

    Trouble, He was interesting being born in Cuba and his Mother was taken from Mexico by the Cubans. And the most important thing. . . he laughed at my humor (grin).

  7. Sounds like you had an interesting morning!. Nothing like finding a new friend that will laugh at your jokes!

    Sounds like the wife was cleaning up at the market!

  8. I am glad to hear your wife checked out his credentials. I don't think I would have asked him into my home or RV if I had one but then again I am not a trusting kind of gal.

    That cigarette machine is interesting even though I do not smoke it would make a good conversation piece.