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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wondering why it is so cold.

Dang, it is 38 degrees here where I live and I am not very far from the Texas Gulf Coast.  For here, that is cold even for the middle of the winter but not for this time of year.  Yes, it is suppose to warm up to the upper 70's later today, but it is rather cool here right now.  I am blaming it on hurricane Sandy that is now approaching the North East Coast.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining and actually kind of like it for a change.  It would really be terrible of me to complain about a little cool weather when the North East is about to get hammered by wind, rain, and probably flooding.  I have lots of relatives and friends that live in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

This is a really bad time of year to get such a bad storm.  I don't know how cold it will get up that way, but with homes damaged and power outages, it will, in some cases, that people will  have to go into a survival situation mode, trying to stay warm and dry.  I heard it may drop 8 inches or more of rain.  If it would turn cold enough to make that turn to snow it sure would be really bad.  One inch of rain is equal to ten inches of snow so if they were to get the predicted amount but turned to snow it could dump up to eighty inches of snow.  That would be demise of a lot of people.  Either way, it will not be a good situation in that area and I feel really bad for the people living there and hope they all are able to survive and actually stay fairly comfortable.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all up that way, so if possible, have a great day now, you hear?


  1. I'm enjoying this cool spell, cause that heat is coming back by mid week. Unusual for this time of year..

  2. I don't think we will get hit to hard by the storm here in western PA. We need the rain but I have been so enjoying our warm fall weather..70's and sunshine..a gift in Oct! I hope they are wrong about the snow..again I don't we will get that here. Keeping those on the coast in my prayers.

  3. Come on up East and get warm, it's 65F. Of course by morning it will be a different story. Rig a sail on that Land Yacht on save on diesel fuel. Glad to hear you got out for a bit of traveling. If you come up this way, bring one of those big chain saws with you.

  4. Crazy weather for this time of year without a doubt!

    Sure makes for some good sleeping, though!

  5. Our only child lives in NYC her birthday is nov 3 2012 I will only send the pkgs when it is all over...No use in trying to get to her before then, someone sent me something I asked for from new jersey, they forgot to put it in the envelope, I figure a full moon tuesay and Sandy hurricane the lady was trying to get home early this was tuesday I called for the recipe and coupon book, the letter stated to call a 1-800 # to tell how I liked the many coupons, that would be all fine and well just never got the recipes and coupons, I will call after the full moon..Mother nature has a way of making people take note of who is boss...Our daughter has food and water and cat food and water for her cat, she is suppose to work today sunday, but she called her boss and asked to do her stuff at home, oky doky with him, he is in chicago away from Sandy, go figure?!!! have a nice sunday, it is raining and cool then it started to get warm like the pineapple express or something, won't see the sun until next year in the pacific northwest I think that is why so many people are killers and thieves out here, when the weather turns, wet, damp, cold, ice and snow they go freakin nuts and kill, it is stated in a few of the articles in our local newspaper the lack of sunshine and heat...only thing that grows in the winter time is MOSS and people bitching about everything, I hear it on a public bus back and forth..I already voted and will be glad when the election is gone baby gone, here people are starving and no jobs, if we could harness a fraction of the campaign money on the tv ads, print ads, many could actually have some food and a job tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hopefully it will warm up next week and we will have a nice long Indian summer. When I lived up in Montana we would have a snow storm about this time every year and then nice weather for a couple or three weeks before it decided to get serious and turn really cold.

  7. Trouble, I am really enjoying today's weather.

    Jill, I hope you get just enough rain and nothing else.

    Jimkabob, I thought I was getting extremely great fuel mileage until I discovered that I had the odometer set on kilometers.

    HJ, I sure have to agree on the great keeping weather.

    Anon, hope your loved one will be safe.

    Bob, I remember years when Indian Summer seemed to last all winter. I enjoy cool temperatures but not cold ones.

  8. We live in central Pennsylvania and just got some hellish winds and rain. No real damage on our property to speak of other than lots of sticks and debris to pick up. However I heard on the news that PA has as many people without power as hurricane Irene caused totally. That sort of puts this storm into perspective. New Jersey and New York sure do have some clean up ahead of them.

  9. I saw on TV where your area did get bad weather.