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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wondering about right-of-way trimming.

Every few years the electric company comes around and trims its right-of-ways of brush and intruding tree limbs.  I have electric coming into my place and when my son moved in on the rear of my property, he had it continued on down to his house.  I had to give the power company a right-of-way to his house.  It was a busy and noisy place around here yesterday and this morning.  The last one of the mechanized machines just left and they said that in a day or so some people would come around and do the remaining hand work with chain saws.  Till then, I will leave my gate open.  Do you want to see one of their main units?  OK, here is a picture of the main trimmer:

The boom on this machine extends twice as far as you see it here.  It was unbelievable how far it could reach.  It cut the top branches out of huge oak trees.  It is a very versatile machine.  The other one was for grinding up what was cut up:

And of course there were people cutting things with a chain saw.  This is the part of my driveway that can be seen from the house and the tractor from the above picture is in this picture, also:

In the first picture above, that machine with the saw on the end of a telescoping boom was sitting where I usually park the RV.  So, I had to move it out to where my driveway goes through my front lot to get it out of the way.

That gave me an excuse to drive it a bit.  In fact instead of backing it back in, I took it for a ride around the block.  That was fun and I didn't forget how to drive it. . . yet.  Now you all have a great day and try to work in a little bit of fun, you hear?


  1. I'd be happy if someone came to my place and trimmed my trees for no charge. I don't know about all the equipment and noise though.

  2. If i had that new MH, i'd just go sit in it a lot.
    Nice trimming there.

  3. Gypsy, I had no complaints except it would have been even nicer if they had trimmed more.

    Trouble, I do sit in it some times.

    Sixbears, it sure was and could reach the tops of the big old oak trees.

  4. Nothing like an excuse for driving the MH around! Must gave been something to watch! I've seen those big ol' things in action before, and it is entertaining!

  5. That RV of yours is just itching to go on a trip DD...

  6. They trim down our street too, but usually they butcher up the trees so badly that they look almost deformed. They are a little too aggressive.

  7. HJ, yes the RV needs run and it was fun to watch for a little while.

    TFT , it isn't the only one. Have to wait until after my wife has her operation.

    Jill, they sure/are aggressive. They cleared a wide path.