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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wandering in my imaginary space ship. . .

I got bored yesterday and since I didn't want to work on anything (lazy is the word you are looking for), I decided to take an imaginary trip in my imaginary space ship to the imaginary Planet-X which is in the same orbit as Earth but a hundred and eighty degrees apart.  This always puts it on the other side of the sun where it can not be seen by people on Earth.  Of course our satellites and probes have discovered it but they will not make it public information because it seems to be populated by (what else) X-men.  So, the only way to let the world know about this place is for me to blast off in my faithful old space ship and go there and take pictures from a high orbit.  Of course this is putting myself in peril, but I will go to any extreme to get a good subject for my blog. . .

After my warp speed trip of 10 minutes, I found my self in low Planet-X orbit after I came out of suspended animation (I fixed my suspenders so I didn't have to be so animated by grabbing my sagging pants all the time).  I then started to scan the surface and the first thing I spotted was a sand dune supposedly formed by the wind:

A little further along, I spotted this mountain range.  Those peaks must be thousands of feet tall:

I then flew over this young volcano.  You can tell it is fairly new since the color of it is different than the surrounding land:

Now here is an older volcano.  Notice the color is the same as its surroundings:

So far I had not seen any signs of life and then I saw them, radar domes.  Too late now, I am caught in their radar scopes.  They will be coming after me soon, so I may have to cut my trip short and turn my ship back toward Earth.  Here is a picture of the radar domes:

They came out in their all terrain vehicle to see what was flying around up here.  I am sorry to say that for my own protection and to give me a chance to get turned around and run for home, I had to shoot it with my stun gun beam which shoots a beam that looks just like a huge finger.  It worked!!  As you can tell, since I am posting this blog, I made it home.  Here is a video of the last few harrowing moments on that planet fighting my way off:
OK, I am back on Earth and it sure feels good to be home although short trips to the unknown are exciting as long as you make it back. Now, you all have a great day and keep your feet firmly planted on this world, you hear?

I have tried three times to upload my video.  It is not very big but it always seems to fail.  I will try to figure it out and maybe get it on latere.


  1. I've heard of making mountains out of mole hills . . .

    Have a good one Dizzy!

  2. Boy, you sure have an active imagination, buddy!

    No wonder Momma keeps a close eye on ya! Still, I liked the story and hope to see the video real soon!

  3. Sixbears, actually the mountains were made from ants - big ants (grin).

    Jill, I am glad. Laughter is good for the soul.

    HJ. I tried again and it will not post. It is 20.6 megs, maybe a little too big.

  4. I 'member one time old "pesky neighbor" Wayne drinked one them Mexican Coca Colas. His eyes started twirl'n round and he start tell'n me bout his trip to Planet Zebra. You ain't been drink'n them Mexican cokes have ya Dizzy?
    Damn, I worry bout this guy!!!!

  5. That was better than those sci-fy movies from the 1950's. Get the wife to nit -pic you some alien Xmen, figure 8 man or something.

  6. BB, oh yes, I love those Mexican Coke Colas.

    Jimkabob, if my video would have posted it would have been better.