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Saturday, October 13, 2012

No flea-marketing this morning.

Don't think we will go to the flea market this weekend.  Not that my wife couldn't go, it is just safer to stay home until she gets completely healed.  She sure doesn't need to be exposed to any flying dust or dirt at this time, so the prudent thing is just to stay home.  She goes back for a post surgical check up this coming Tuesday.  The main thing is that she is in good spirits and is feeling a lot better.  In fact, she just got through watching a half hour of "Marshal Dillon" on the Western Channel.  My son just called and she is now talking to him on the phone.  She says that she is having some difficulty adapting to aligned eyes but the doctor says that it will take her about two to four weeks to completely adjust.  So far, everything is working out just fine for us, so we hope today will be great for all of you.  So have a great day, you hear?


  1. So what you're say'n....she survived your cook'n?
    I can see ya do'n many things, but cook'n is not one of them.
    Glad to hear wife is up an' at 'em this morn'n. May her recovery be speedy.

  2. Thx for the info on her surgery. So glad she's had it now and on the mend. Why wouldn't she talk to your? son on the phone? And don't worry, she will hurry and get well, having to eat your cooking,,i bet. lololol

  3. Probably a good thing that she is staying in for a few days! Don't want to try and rush the healing.

    Glad that everything worked out OK. Tell her good morning from the Hermit!

  4. BB, yes she did and I just finished cooking a huge pot of ground turkey, peas, green beans, and Ramon noodles. I much prefer my wife's cooking to mine.

    Trouble, that was a typo, it should read "now" and not "not". We all get along just fine.

    HJ, yes she is doing the right thing. Wife is doing great.

  5. Finally getting caught up on the blogs. Glad to hear your wife's surgery went well. May she get well soon so she once again can go to the flea market and continue creating her art pieces.