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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wondering about cars.

Most everyone now-a-days has at least one car.  It hasn't been that awful long since they were first seen on the roads.  Mr. Ford had a lot to do with that.  Ever hear the old saying that back then you could order any color model-T as long as it was black?  Well that is not exactly true.  When they first came out, you could order almost any color and black was not one of them!  Later (in 1913), to simplify production, Henry Ford started painting them all black.  He was the father of the production line and kept trying out new innovations to speed up production and lower costs.

Every vehicle designed to travel on the roads rolls on tires.  The modern tire is another fantastic thing that most of us take for granted.  Normally, the average car has only about 100 sq. inches of tire touching the road at any given time.  100 sq. inches is equal to 10" by 10".  Not much contact area to accelerate, brake to a stop, corner, etc.  The modern tire is quite the engineering feat.  Ever watch a top fuel drag race car reach over three hundred miles per hour in less than a thousand feet?  The tires are one of the most import parts of the process.  If you can't get that 8 to 10 thousand horsepower hooked up to the ground, you don't go anywhere.

It seems anymore that cars are getting so automated with warning devices and cruise control and some even have auto-braking, that they could drive themselves.  Oh yes, did you know that the state of Nevada is the first state to issue a license for self driving cars?  Yep, they did.  So where are we headed?  I, for one, do not want to give up control over what I am driving, how about you?  You all have a great day today and be safe if you go out on the roads, you hear?


  1. I'm not a fan of public transportation, but cars are a huge expense. Maybe I'll just live on a boat someday and use a bicycle to get around on land.

  2. Per your 100 sq in the average car weighs less than 3500 pounds. RVers with toads would love to have a large choice of vehicles that are less than 3500 pounds.
    100 sq in X 35 PSI= 3500 pounds. I think that is low.

  3. The husband just got a new truck, and I don't even have a clue what all electronics are there on the dashboard. I think there's a GPS and a backup assist, but I don't know what all else.

  4. Sixbears, the wind is free so far but you still have to fuel yourself o you can peddle the bike.

    Barney, I worried about the toads weight when I had the gasoline powered class-C but now with the big Cat engine I don't worry anymore.

    Jill, all those buttons, levers, and gadgets on the new vehicles are distracting. I like the old fashion cars like the 1957 Chevy convert able I used to have.

  5. Talk about automation, just think how I felt the first time I used Auto-Land on a Boeing 737-400. The urge to take back control was strong, but the plane flew the Glide Slope and landed on the mark and then spoilers and reverse thrust with brakes to stop on the center line. That was amazing then and now it is just the norm. We will all be robots some day.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks.