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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wondering about the day after grooming day.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when we were taking our three Shih-Tzu pups to get groomed.  The highway workers, who have been smart enough to work over night to avoid the heat and the traffic, had finished their project.  That was the way road construction and repair should be done.  I didn't get a picture for you, but you all have seen three lane roads before.  On this one, the center lane is for turning only, not for passing.  When I was a boy, there were three lane roads with the center lane for passing slower moving cars.  There were a lot of accidents and close calls on that road when people coming from both directions decided to pass at the same time.  For any of you readers from Pennsylvania old enough to remember them, one was 422 from Butler to New Castle.

I remember that old Ben used to say that he didn't like blogs that always showed pictures of peoples kids and pets.  Well, since he is gone (way too soon), I am going to post a couple pictures whether he likes it or not.  Yesterday, the pups got their once a month grooming and our eldest one, Muffy, was in bad shape before she went in.  She has a very thick under-coat of the finest hair that is so thin that it always seems to get in a tangled mess and then starts to irritate her skin.  When it gets this bad, it is impossible to comb it out, so she got shaved.  She is now only half as big as she used to be (grin) and she seems to get cold when the AC is running.  So, she was laying on a pillow on the couch (her usual spot) and I covered her over with a bandanna.  I thought she looked cute that way so I took a couple of pictures:

And since the first picture disturbed her for a few seconds, I took a second one:

Of course she will let me share the pillow if I ask her nicely.  She sure doesn't look like a Shih Tzu does she?  Actually, we don't have any of them done with the traditional top knot.  Way too much trouble to keep looking that way.  So, hope you all have as good of a life as our pups do and try to have a great day, you hear?


  1. Hey Diz...yeah, let's talk about that designated turn only lane that some people seem to think is an on ramp for regular road and always block me from turning while they wait for an openning to enter traffic...that really burns my biscuits.

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  3. Trouble, No, she is not a happy camper and I just made an appointment with the Vet for all three of them today to get their yearly shots and check up. This isn't her week!!

    Bob, I know what you mean. I wish they had gone ahead and made it a four lane. BTW, when are you going to update your blog?

    1. Man...good question and I may never. Seems all the wind got let out of my sails with Ben's passing. I will tell you that my seventh grandkid got born a week ago and he's a cutie. That's 6 boys and one girl. I'm gonna spoil 'em all!

  4. I have a feeling when this week is over! Guess we all have weeks like that!

  5. Your dogs have it made. Of course, I don't have too look too far to see a spoiled dog.

  6. Jill, she just got shaved and I don't think she likes that. At least it is still pretty warm here so I bet she feels a lot better.

    HJ, Yes, we all have weeks like that for sure. Some of us have more than our share, but a person doesn't have to look very hard to find someone worse off (or better off).

    Sixbears, She doesn't think she is spoiled (all three of them are spoiled). She just knows that it was real hard work training the help (my wife and I) to take good care of her and give her what she wants.

  7. We think so and she thinks so, too. When she is in full coat she doesn't look like the same dog then when she is shaved. She is my pal and sleeps at night right next to my head.