Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, September 28, 2012

Wondering about birds and flowers.

Yesterday when I carried two of my garbage cans down my driveway (a little over an eighth of a mile), I spotted some really pretty and uniquely shaped flowers.  Since I had my camera in my shirt pocket, I took a picture of them and would like to share it with you.  I do not know what they are.  They grow on a long thin vine with these flowers scattered along the vine.  Don't you think that they are pretty?

I think wild flowers are so much nicer than the cultivated ones planted and raised by man.  Not that they are not pretty, they sure are as you see in this picture taken in Wal-Mart of flowers for sell:

Yes, both the wild ones and the cultivated ones are beautiful, but to me there is something special about the wild beauty of Nature.  Of course nature has its dirty side, too.  I parked in a lot beside a tree where many "parking lot" birds roosted.  They almost had the pavement resurfaced (grin).  I was lucky enough to find a spot just off to the side; that is the side of my Jeep on the right of the pictures.

Even parking off to the side, a couple of them marked my hood while my wife was in Michael's getting some of her crafting supplies and I ran into Kroger's to get some Mexican Coke-a-Cola.  They had a special of ten bottles for ten dollars.  I sure do love that stuff, it is made with real sugar and tastes just like it used to back in the 1950's.  Ah, memories!!!  The 50's and early 60's was a great time for me.  Now you all be careful where you park and have a great day, you hear?


  1. I love those Mexican Cokes, speaking of tastes from the 50's & 60's Lambs Candys has some Root Beer Barrels that taste just like they did in the ole days.

  2. I sure am glad when u add "a cola"...on that,,lololol
    Never seen those flowers before, but beautiful.

  3. Looks like you dodged most of the bird droppings...and that's a good thing!

    Many good memories from the '50 and '60s.

  4. Jim, Yep and I also remember tiny wax bottles full of a really sweet liquid. Some of life's little pleasures when we were kids.

    Trouble, I almost didn't then thought some of you wouldn't think it was soda pop or what ever you call it. And about the flowers, I thought that they were really pretty, too.

    HJ, Yea, I did. And weren't those two decades wonderful, except for the wars, or should I say "police" actions.

  5. We call the mass bird droppings "carpet bombing", the Canadian Geese around here can lay down a wall-to-wall green shag carpet. They don't seem to have your Mexican coke colas around here, I've checked at a couple latin groceries. Maybe I didn't say "cola".

  6. Jimkabob, too bad on the cokes. They even come in heavy glass bottles. I am sure you would love them. Maybe I can take a picture and show you. Next best thing to tasting it.

  7. Very, very nice! I'm glad I found your blog!!

    Common Cents

  8. Steve, I am glad you found it, too.

  9. The purple flowers are beautiful. I remember the papers with the candy dots stuck on them.

  10. I have never seen those pretty purple wild flowers but they are beautiful.

    Everytime I go grocery shopping in Mexico and see Coca-Colas I think of you and your wife.

  11. Jill, yes, Mother Nature can really come up with beauty all by her self. Old memories an be sweet especially if it is about candies.

    MsB, I bet they don't cost so much down there.