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Saturday, September 29, 2012

MsBelinda is having Terlingua dreams.

MsB is dreaming of Terlingua and planning a trip there.  It is definitely an unique place.  I was there for a week a few years ago.  In fact that is where I met Ben Woods, Billy Bob, John Wells, and David for the first time.  I ate at both the Grub Shack and the Starlight.  I do want to get back there sometime soon, but don't know when it will be.  It has been the subject of some of my paintings.  Even did a painting of Benita.  But the old part of Terlingua had so many potential paintings and I have only done a couple.  Here are some pictures of that part of Terlingua.  This first one is of the Starlight:

The rest are of the ruins:

See the far-a-way mountains trough the door?

This next one sits next to the drop off to a deep ravine:

See the Starlight in the back ground?

Anyway, that is a sampling of the pictures that I took of that area.  You can see that there is a lot of great material there for paintings and/or photographs.  I will be going back there one of these days.  Now, even if you aren't dreaming of Terlingua, please have a wonderful Saturday.  It is raining here and it is much appreciated.  Suppose to be a wet weekend and a beautiful week coming up.


  1. Sure won't be long before MsB is down here. Hope to meet her this time. Got over 2.5 inches of rain here.

  2. Not much left of the old mining town. It does have a stark beauty.

  3. Imagine all the history hidden in those walls!

  4. David, it is always great to meet another blogger in person. Yes, you should try to meet her. I think that rain came over here after it left your area.

    Sixbears, there are occupied homes in town but on up the hill.

    HJ, if only walls could talk I bet we would be surprised at what all they could tell.

  5. Looks like an interesting place.

  6. TFT and Jill, it is an interesting place, even with the old mercury mines. Another place there is the old cemetary. I think I did a blog on Katy before. . . Or maybe not, I don't remember for sure.

  7. I certainly am dreaming of Terlingua...less than a month now.

    Terlingua is the type of town that you either love it or you hate it. As you can imagine I really LOVE it :)

    Beautiful pictures and you are right...if only the walls could talk!