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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wondering why I never learn.

A few times yesterday, simply great ideas for this morning’s blog jumped into my head. At the time I thought that maybe I should jot down a note to myself about the ideas, but then I said to myself, “Self, that is such a great idea that you just can’t possibly forget it”. Yea, right!!! This happens quite a lot to me. I think up some fabulous ideas for a blog and by the next morning when I sit down in front of this computer to write it, everything comes up blank!! That is exactly what happened today. So to keep from this just being a blank page, I am explaining why it isn’t the fabulous blog that you expected (grin).

Nothing new here, just sipping a cup of coffee and will be heading down to the flea market again. I believe I told you before that we got talking to one of the vendors at the flea market and there was something about her voice that made me feel at home. Then we discovered that she lived in north western Pennsylvania within just a couple of miles of my Aunt. We kept looking forward to seeing and talking to her on the weekends, but she left for home and took her grandkids, who she had been visiting, back to PA with her to give them a summer vacation at Grandma’s. I bet they are having fun, but my wife and I miss seeing and talking to her on the weekends. Going to have to make it a point to see her the next time I am up visiting with my Aunt.

Isn’t it funny how you take an instant liking to someone you had never met before then you find out that they have a connection with some part of your life. It is strange and has happened to me a lot of times when I was thousands of miles from home to meet someone you never saw before and find out that they just lived down the road from you. I bet that has happened to you, hasn’t it? You know, it is a small world.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Isn't that kind'a like the RV'n lifestyle? Many times we meet someone that just clicks, camped/parked right next to us. That kind of make it a small world don't it???

  2. I got tired of having these great ideas that I would never forget so I devised a method to remind me. I start a new blog and use a title that will undoubtedly bring back the thought. Now I have a long list of new blogs that make absolutly no sense to me whatever. Neat titles though.

  3. I have always enjoyed an accent that is out of place and trying to figure out where they are from..

  4. I used to worry about the stuff I forget, but now I forget to worry.

  5. Yea, Sixbears has it right. If it's still with you after a good nights sleep ,you may need to rethink it or just decide that it ain't worth worrying about.

    Of all the tings in my life, the thing I miss the most is .... What the heck were we talking about? :-)

  6. BB, Yes it is. I have met lots of nice people when out and about in the RV. Most RVers are friendly people. And it is a small world.

    Oldfool, Now that is funny, but oh so true. I am sure the same thing would happen to me even if I made notes. In fact, sometimes I start writing a blog and get half way through and forget where I was going with it.

    Frann, way back when I spent a year in the Detroit area, if we got out of town guests we would take them to Canada via the bridge and back through the tunnel. The customs people could tell you exactly where you were from just by your accent. By the way, we went south to get into Canada. Windsor is south of Detroit.

    Sixbears, I know what you mean, I don’t worry about stuff near as much as I used too. That is what the wife is for.

    Ben, Yep, you shouldn’t keep . . . no, I mean you shouldn’t miss. . . no, I mean. . . Yea, what were we talking about.

  7. LOL These are some of the funniest comments I've read in awhile!

  8. SciFi, yes and I just love the humor. With out humor it would be a very depressing would.