Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wondering if it will rain today.

They are predicting a 30 percent chance of afternoon thunderstorms for today. I will believe it when I see it. We have had one rain so far this whole year and it was less than half an inch. There have been storms go past us with in a few miles, but no rain got to my place. So cross your fingers and let us hope that we do get some of that 30 percent.

Because of something a reader said, I was looking back through some of my old blog postings and have decided that my old blogs were much better than what I am doing now. I guess I have either run out of steam or of ideas. Or maybe I am running out of hours in the day. I spent a lot of time back then searching through old pictures and scanning any I thought would be interesting and also looking through all the picture files stored on my computer. Guess I am running out of pictures and the pictures gave me the ideas.

When looking for a specific older blog, I came across one with a picture of my Dad and my Uncle (before I was born) with their pets, one pet being a ground hog. From what my Mother told me, the ground hog (or whistle pig or wood chuck) made a great pet. I know that a lot of people, especially here in Texas, didn’t know what I was talking about. When a friend and I were out walking this property that I was planning to buy (and did), I saw a big hole in the ground and said that it must be a ground hog hole. He said he never heard of a ground hog but that was an armadillo hole. Aha!! I am now in a different country, and boy, was I to learn just how different and in many ways. I am now probably more a Texan than the native born. I have lived here a lot longer than most have been alive. I have spent almost half my life here, and hope to be able to spend three quarters or even seven eights of my life here before I die (grin).

By the way, if you want to review that old blog, here is a link:


You all have a fine day, you hear?


  1. We had a 20% chance of rain last week and got lightning and thunder...maybe with 30% you will actually get wet!

  2. Hope you don't just get lightning. Big fire danger. You are welcome to some of my NH rain. Yesterday, it did not rain, but it's supposed to rain by this evening. Never saw this much flooding in June.

    I'm in woodchuck land. Never heard they made good pets. Surprised my dad never had one as a kid as he made pets out of everything from crows to snapping turtles. Then again, he a neighbor who ate them and paid money for them. Guess he was too busy shooting them to befriend them.

  3. People make pets out of some strange animals, that's for sure!

    Guess I've pretty much stuck to dogs and cats, except for one baby 'possum!

    However, I was married before! Does that count?

  4. Ya know what Dizzy, some blogs do get a bit boring and the writers of blogs hit a low at times. But I can honestly say that I have never been bored with your blogs. Always something refreshing to read....even learn something from time to time.
    I sure do know what you talk'n bout when ya go back and read old blogs. I ask myself..."did I say that"? "Did I do that"? It's not that we have run out of ideas and stories, it just seems like we change. Things happen in our lives that make us forget. There's time I get to think'n bout an event in my life but pass it off as.....nobody wants to read bout that stuff.
    I rekon we let our minds get fogged up with too much of other things that the mind goes off in another direction.
    You Dizzy have a great blog of knowledge and wonder. Keep it up old feller.

  5. Sure fire way to make it rain. Go out and hand wash the RV and car. Then hang out a fresh load of clothes to dry.

  6. Frann, it is now after 15:00 and still no sign of rain and it is 102 out side. That is hot for this area with the high humidity.

    Sixbears, yep, don’t want just lightning, but if it does rain it will be a thunder storm. BTW, did you look at the woodchuck picture on the old blog? I have even had spaghetti sauce made from woodchuck. Not bad if you get their sent glands removed without contaminating the meat.

    HJ, I am not sure about the wife part (grin), but dogs and cats make good pets. . .

    Billy Bob, Thanks for that wonderful comment, your check is in the mail. . .BTW, I do really enjoy your blog. You and Ben were the ones that got me started and you both are my inspirations and role models, even though Ben is younger than I am.

    Ben, you know, that just may work. I wash the car once a year, that is if my wife makes me, and the motor-home. . . Well, I have only washed it once or twice since I have had it. In other words, they both need washed badly.

  7. Every day is a great one Dizzy.

    Negative produces nothin, ya know what I mean....

  8. Spud, yes sir, I know what you mean. I always try to see the best side of everything.

  9. Don't be so hard on yourself, Dizzy. We all have laps in writing. Look at me! I haven't written anything in my blog for nearly 3 months. Maybe the answer is to walk away from the computer for a while and do something worth writing about. Road trip time?