Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wondering about hair, BUT.

I was going to talk about hair; you know, too much or too little, too long or too short, color here not the color there, lots of hair or no hair, and hair in places you don’t want it to be. But, I have an emergency maintenance problem to take care of and it may take some time. So you go ahead and think of hair, etc. and I will try to get things in order around here.

You all have a better day than I am going to have (grin).


  1. Better day? I get to go to the dentist this Saturday morning. I don't think it will be fun. After that, I get to shop for a new laptop. (not because I want to!)

  2. Hair....what about the hair???

  3. Michael, I, too, need to see a dentist. May need some pulled.

    BB, you finish the story, I forgot about the hair (grin)

  4. What? No photo story of the water heater repair? Wossamotta U ? ( Rocky and Bullwinkles school)

  5. Not enough hair on my head to make a pillow for a mouse.

  6. I am getting a hair cut soon! It is just to hot!

  7. No Ben, it may be a never ending project. Still have leaks, but not near as bad.

    Barney, you and me are putting barbers out of business; you with no hair and I quite cutting mine.

    Frann, It has been extra hot here this year, too, but not as hot as you have it. 105 with humidity feels like it though. It was only 102 at my place today.

  8. When I was a teen back in the sixties, everyone else had long hair. My father was very redneck so guess who wasn't allowed. Then I was drafted by uncle sam, and we know how he feels bout hair.
    During the 70's tho, I was attending university in Calif. and I sported the same look you have Dizzy. ZZ Top had nothing on me !
    Now days I just keep it of average length, just enough for insulation from the sun and heat.
    Why young folks wanna look like skin head Nazi's is beyond me though. Too easy ta get burned !
    Nature put that stuff up there for protection against UV radiation and heat. Not to mention bump protection. Seems I'm always running into stuff with my thick skull LOL

  9. Yep Spud, I know what you mean. I was not allowed long hair when a yourth and after scooling, had to look professional at work. Of course all that changed after I passed 65.

  10. Hell , now I just don't care. Need just enuff for protection LOL.
    Although I understand about that looking professional stuff, as I'm still working for the man.
    Least I got to have long hair while attending UCSD, after all it was California and the 70's...