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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It is hard to believe, starting about 05:30 this morning it actually rained. We got about three quarters of an inch. Not much in Texas rain standards but more rain than we have had since last October. It is not near enough to break the drought, but it is start and it may help put out all those wild fires. This means that dome of high pressure that has been sitting over us for such a long time got pushed off somewhere else. Therefore, the set pattern we have had for almost nine months has been broken.

This weather moved in from the north, but there is a system coming in from the south. When the two meet, it may shove it back up this way and we may get even more rain. Will just have to wait and see. I am so happy to see some rain.

Need to go and turn on the TV and see what they are predicting for the rest of the day. If we get more later, I will update the blog or leave a message in the comments.

I want to thank all of you who did a rain dance for us and I hope this rain helped more than just this area. You all have a good day now, you hear?

OK, it is now 08:00 and I looked at the radar on the internet and now things have reversed and the storms look like they are backing up, being pushed from storms coming in from the Gulf.  We will probably get more rain.  Going to be a GOOD day.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are finally getting some rain. I'm sitting here looking out at green trees and grass and listening to the thunder. It's going to be a good day here too.

  2. Hallelujah!! Here in PA, we had a storm go through, not so much a LOT of rain but I'm not watering the plants this morning. The lightening was fierce, but the thunder was off in the distance. I still had to let Cleo in the bedroom, 'cause she is terrified of storms.

  3. No rain here just sprinkles, but I guess that still gives hope. 20% chance again for today and we just barely missed some heavy rain here. Unfortunately the west got it and that's usually the way it works here. Either north, south, east and west of here, but not right here. :(

  4. It's so wet up here in northern NH, firefighters call this the asbestos county. Last really major forest fires were in the 30s. Love to send some of our rain your way.

  5. Gypsy, Me too, and glad you are also having a good day. Of course any day is a good day if you wake up in the morning alive and mostly well (grin).

    Sharon, Hallelujah is right!! They were afraid of lightning storms here (setting more fires), but there was very little thunder heard, just good steady rain. Just what the doctor ordered.

    David, I know just how you feel. We just went almost nine months without rain. During that whole time, only had less than a half inch.

    Sixbears, I guess you could call your area the northeast rain forest. Back in 1948 or 49 I spent a couple of weeks at a boat access only camp on the shore of a deep woods lake in Maine. A wonderful experience I will never forget.

  6. I always heard going up that a farmer would lie about two things, His bull and how much rain he got!! So, since you ain't got no bull , it's gotta be the rain. That water you seeing I'm telling you is a water leak you just ain't found yet! :-)

  7. Dang Ben, don't tell me I missed a leak in the hot water tank?!?!

  8. Congrats on the rain!! Heaven knows you need all ya'll can get.

  9. Thanks SciFiChick, every little bit helps, but we need a lot more.