Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wondering about mosquitoes.

I have not seen any mosquitoes around my place lately and don’t seem to remember seeing any this year. See, there is a good side to the drought. Actually, on normal years, if we get enough of them in a row, the mosquitoes are not a big problem. That statement doesn’t sound right for a place that has a large swamp/pond located smack dab in the center of it. Let me explain.

When all is normal and functioning the way it should, the swamp/pond is full and teeming with life, including mosquitoes. Mosquitoes start off life as eggs that are laid in the water, which then turn to larva and then to the pupa stage. All this happens under water. Then they emerge as full adults and fly away. The males’ normal diet consists of plant juices and nectars, whereas the female needs blood to reproduce.

I have talked about all the varied things that live or visit my place, and it is a huge list. This list includes many types of fish that feast on the first three stages of the mosquito. Also a lot of other aquatic life feeds on them along with amphibians (frogs and toads). There are birds and bats that get the adults. All in all, it works out to a good balance and although there are mosquitoes, they don’t get out of control. Now, because of the drought, this balance goes away, and for a long time. As the water levels drop, it leaves pockets of deeper water that concentrates the aquatic life and therefore food becomes short and any food source will be quickly devoured, including mosquito larva.

But, you say, because of the drought there are no mosquitoes. That is correct, for now. Just wait until after the first rain. Shortly after that, there will be a huge cloud of mosquitoes hatch out, since there will be no fish to eat the first three stages of their life. It will takes years to get the swamp/pond back to normal, and that will only happen if we get normal or above normal rainfall. A mosquito’s full life span from hatching from the egg to larva to pupa to adult and back to egg only takes a matter of days. So the lowly mosquito can recuperate in a week vs. the years it will take the other aquatic life to get back to normal.

In the mean time, I am going to enjoy going outside anytime, day or night, and not be bothered by mosquitoes. It has been really nice not having any around.

You all have a fine day now, you hear?


  1. Here in SE Louisiana we have a shortage of mosquitos as well. When we have few mosquitos we have few dragonflies as well. We do enjoy having few mosquito's however the same weather has brought on an infestation of fleas. They are everywhere in hoards. For two weeks I have poured poisons of all kinds on them and All I have done is cause them to mutate into a tiny bullet proof species that are devouring the dogs and cats.

  2. DD. You know what eats lots of mosquitoes? Muscovy Ducks. Are you feeling better?

  3. Hey Oldfool, sorry you are having problems with the fleas, they can be quite a problem. This year since the mosquitoes are missing, I may have to give some blood to make up for my surplus (grin)

    Michael, Yes, I was really only sick for a day and all told, didn't feel up to par for three or four. BTW, we had all kinds of wild ducks, including Wood Ducks. Still have a few hanging around.

  4. I am lucky..just some flies here. Millers at night.

  5. No water there, no mosquitoes. Let's not forget the cone nosed beatle, we both have that little monster.