Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wondering about traffic signs.

Everyone of us who drives a vehicle or rides in one has to watch for and obey the traffic signs.  Like "slow":

And if going slow doesn't work than there is "stop".

And then there is a sign that makes you go the wrong way:

And then, just when you want to find a spot to park, there are those "no parking" signs.  They seem to show up in the most unexpected places just where you want park.

Hey, you say, that doesn't look like a parking area, right?  Well it is. Here is a better picture of the sign:

This is the door of our refrigerator and that is where I found this sign!!  Let me explain.  We have well water here and I just love the taste of it but my wife doesn't.  She has this pitcher that has a water filter built into it.  It is called a PUR pitcher.  This is the spot where she keeps it so she has cold water to drink.  Sometimes I put things in that spot when the pitcher is not there, thus the sign.  It isn't that we don't communicate, it is just that I have a poor memory.  (That is the best excuse I can come up with now.)  Now you all have a great day and I hope all your parking spaces will be reserved.


  1. Now, what I wanna know, what are those things just to the right?

  2. I 'member one time I park in the handicap spot at the liquor store. Had to buy girlfriend another gallon jug of vodka to last a couple more days ya know. This old lady pull up an' says to my girlfriend...."you got a handicap sign"??? Girlfriend says...."no, but my husband is"....think'n the lady said "son". Sheesh!!!

  3. Trouble, a bag of Columbian coffee and a bottle of agave nector.

    BB, just tell her that we all have handicaps; some can be seen and some can't.

  4. That's what I call a special hazard sign.

  5. Might be dangerous to "park" there, I reckon! Sounds like your wife knows you pretty well!

  6. You left out the one that says "SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING", haven't figured out if they just left out a comma or what.

  7. Sixbears, at least for me it is.

    HJ, like I said above, it would be for me.

    Bob, good catch there, probably left it out on purpose.

  8. That's funny. I also leave skull and crossbones signs on food that I am saving for an event. Otherwise my son eats everything.