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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside.

You can sure tell that I live a boring life when I talk about things like the weather.  But actually, the weather is the most exciting thing going on this morning.  It actually got down below freezing the first time this season.  Yep, it got down to 30 degrees by this morning and according to the TV weather reporter it will do so again tomorrow morning, but then get back up into the 70's.  The sky is clear and the sun came up bright and warm so it will warm up fast.

Didn't do much of anything yesterday except fight with my old desk-top computer and some of the older programs trying to get some important stuff done.  I have too many computers and printers and such.  That doesn't sound like a problem, does it?  Well it is, because not everything works with everything else.  Sometimes to complete a project I will use multiple computers, tablets, printers, but only one scanner (because I threw the old one away even though it still worked fine).

Speaking of computers, I still can't get this laptop (which I am writing on now and will use it to post this blog) to let me comment on blogs.  I write the comments and when I hit the post button it all goes away.  Therefore, I write my blog on this computer and comment and answer comments on my tablet.  Sometimes a guy just gives up trying to solve the problems and goes with what gets the job done.  Now you all just go with flow and have a smooth ride today, you hear?


  1. Could be worse. My life is quiet, and the weather doesn't change more than 10 or so degress all year down here. So, either it is warm and dry or warm and raining. Currently warm and dry. Not a lot to talk about even using the weather.

  2. With cold like that, I could just stay in NH.

    Yesterday we had 28 and rain. Everything's frozen. Very glad I don't have to go anywhere until tomorrow.

  3. I've got towers and desktops stored around here (at least 5 or 6), but they pull too many watts to do me much good so they just sit. I should chunk them all, but they all have information on them that I don't want to loose. I could sure use all that space to store other stuff though.

  4. Shadowmoss, the same temperature all year; now depending on how you feel about it, it could be a blessing or boring. I would think that you would be spoiled by now.

    Sixbears, I saw on the weather channel where you were having freezing percpitation. Snow is good and rain is OK, but ice is not.

    David, laptops and tablets only take some charging to keep them going, but you are right, towers are power hogs. I like to work on my tower because it has two hard-drives, one for the programs and one for the files. Makes it a lot faster that way.

  5. I thought it only got cold on a Thursday down your way. Maybe it's a preview of a long long winter, Thursday and Friday.

  6. Jimkabob, maybe we just got two years worth and it will be three years until the next one, but you may be right, since it wasn't Thursday, it wasn't winter. Wow!!! Winter may be a bad one some Thursday later in the season.