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Monday, July 4, 2011

Wondering, new toy or new member of family?

My lovely wife found something at the flea market this past weekend that she just had to purchase, bring home, and make it part of the family. Of course she had to keep it out of reach of the dogs; they just think it is another toy for them. They got hundreds of toys and expect new ones every time we go out. One of these days they may actually wind up being spoiled. . .

Oh yea, got off the subject a little. My wife used to have a fabulous doll collection. She had hundreds of them, but got rid of all but a couple. Then she spotted this one at the flea market and it seems she fell in love with it. Not only was it in perfect condition and very pretty, it had a doll of its own. Here are a couple of pictures of the new family member:

The humidity has been really high lately, so it just has to rain. All we need is something to stir up the atmosphere a bit and give it a little squeeze and the water should just pour out. Sounds like a simple plan to me, but we will see. It has still been really hot, over 100, and with the return of the humidity, it is becoming very uncomfortable. I am going to quite talking about the weather and the drought and the heat. I know you are tired of hearing about it.

You all have a great 4th of July and celebrate safely.


  1. Well, at least you don't have to FEED that new family member. :-) You did name her LUCY didn't you?

  2. Ben, you always see the bright side of things. Yep, no extra food to purchase. No name yet. Have not been able to find that exact doll on the internet.

  3. I'm convinced the world is a chew toy for dogs. At least that's how it's been since we got the new dog. Hope your dogs get the message that the doll is off limits.

    Still getting plenty of rain here in NH. Wish I could send you some.