Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wondering about a tough flower

Because of the drought, the wild flowers are pretty scarce this year, except for the trumpet vines’ pretty orange flowers. Therefore, when I went out yesterday in the 106 degree heat (news said it got up to 108 in our area) and walked around the dogs’ yard, I was really surprised to see some wild flowers blooming. By the way, yesterday was the hottest day that I ever experienced and I hope I don’t ever break that record again.

Back 10 days ago we got our first rain for months and months and months. I wonder if that caused the hurried rebirth of these flowers and their attempt to propagate. That brings up another question, how are the honey bees surviving when they don’t have any flowers to gather nectar from? I suppose people who have hives of bees must be feeding them sugar water or something in order to save their hives.

Here is a picture of the flowers that I spotted:

They were so small, I almost didn’t see them.  How small you ask?  Well, I put a penny down beside them for comparison and took another picture:

Aren’t they cute?

You all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. My guesstimate on how some of the plants survive is "They are native and have adapted over the millennium" . Now the honey bees? don't know, have to ask a bee keeper about that. Look up one in your area and call him, Bet he'd be glad to tell ya.

  2. More rain again here today. I'd love to send you some. Yes, the flowers have been doing well. The garden could use some sun as it has everything else it needs.

  3. Yep Ben, most of the native stuff will come back, but my swamps egosystem will take years.

    Sixbears, Could use some of your rain, but when we get some it may be too much, like when a hurricane comes in. Don't care for that, they spawn tornadoes. Ike is the last one I want to see.