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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wondering, how bad was it?

We left early afternoon to go and visit my wife’s brother and sister-in-law.  We were only planning on being gone a few hours so left the dogs in the RV.  They talked us into staying for supper, so we stayed a little longer than planned.  Their place is about three miles from the RV Park, just on the other side of town.  It rained there around 17:00, but not too bad.  We waited until after the rain and loaded up our stuff and headed back to the campground.  When we got within a half mile of the RV Park, traffic came to a stop.  At first I thought that there had been a wreck.  Then I noticed that the traffic lights were out and figured lightning must have taken out a transformer.

Wrong!!  After a very long wait and stop and go we finally got close enough to see that everyone was being directed out another road because of trees across the main road.  Since we were worried about our dogs, especially the oldest who is deathly afraid of thunder, I told my wife I was not going to take a detour.  I could see the first tree down across the road was just a few feet past the entrance to the RV Park.  They stopped the car in front of us and were giving them directions or something.  That gave me the opportunity to quickly drive around the blockade and turn into the RV Park.

The dogs were really glad to see us.  I leaned that six trailers had been cut in half by falling trees and that a tenter site was wiped out.  The people in the tent were away like we were.  This RV Park is a mess, especially the section where the permanent residents are set up.  The channel 11 news people were here and I see that they came back again this morning.  On this trip we decided not to watch any TV, maybe we should have.  But nobody knew that this was going to happen.  They said it was in excess of 80 mph (a lot in excess if you ask me).  I will look on line today and see if I can find out any more information.  I don’t want to walk around and take pictures of other peoples, tragedies. Nothing seems to be wrong with my RV.  A large wooden fence around a sub-division blue down and pieces came with a couple of feet of my place.  I should have had my awning down, I need a new one (grin).  Of course the wind could have used it as a sail and rolled my RV.
You all have a good day now, you hear?  We are going to.


  1. Glad your critters and the RV are fine.

    A friend of mine was in a 20 ft canvas pavilion he built himself that survived 70+ winds with no damage. He'd always thought he'd over built it until that day.

  2. I paid very close attention to the weather when I was on the road for 4 years. There is nothing more unnerving than trying out run extreme weather in a camping trailer when you are not familiar with the territory.

    I camped in a place that was used as a FEMA camp for workers in Pass Christian MS, but that was 4 years after Katrina. The damage was still very evident.

    I'm glad you are OK,

    Photos of Pas Christian Ms.

  3. I don't think that the wind hurt the tents here, it was the trees falling on them...

  4. Good Grief!! Glad you and the herd are OK. But it must have been traumatic for the puppies. Keep us updated as you find out more.

  5. No wonder the pups were glad to see you! Did they lay a guilt trip on you for leaving them alone? Pets are pretty good about that!

    Glad that all is well and everyone is OK.

  6. Dang Dude, that's some serious winds! Sure glad you are all ok

  7. DD, sorry to hear about the big mess and other people's damage, but I'm glad you'll came out ok. It isn't just unnerving for pets in RVs in bad weather. I've seen some wind storms around here that almost made me have to change my underwear!

  8. I'm glad your rv and the dogs are safe and sound.

  9. Ernest, we have not been watching TV or listening to the radio, but from what everyone told me, this event was not expected. It was also in a small isolated area. It was a micro-burst or something of that nature. I still here chain saws and wood chippers running. Was told that two families were trapped for a while but no one was seriously injured. Suppose there were a lot of underwear changes.
    Ben, I am sure it was a traumatic experience for them, especially the one that is deathly afraid of thunder. The guy next to me said that the lightning was fierce.
    HJ, they sure did lay a guilt trip on us. We had to go buy supplies today and they were not happy about being left alone again.
    SciFiChick, in a way I am glad we were not here for my wife’s sake, but in another way I wish I had been here to comfort the dogs. If I were here, it may have upset them more.
    David, there just ain’t no place you can go to get out of the chance of bad weather.
    Gypsy, thanks for the comment and we are all doing fine.

  10. Avoid making the news is a good thing, glad the pups are OK.

  11. I'm glad you're safe. What a vacation.