Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wandering along – Third day.

We finally got into some cooler weather.  I mean, the open the windows and shut off the AC kind of weather.  Haven’t been in weather like that for a long time and it sure feels good.  But tomorrow it is to get to 90 here and the upper 80’s where I am heading.  Here is about 28 miles north of Columbus, Ohio in an RV park.  It is beautiful and not at all crowded.  I would recommend it to anyone.  The “where” is northwest Pennsylvania, Greenville, to be exact?  That is where my last surviving Aunt lives.

Ben asked for pictures, so I took a few, very few.  This first one is of yellow wild flowers at a rest stop somewhere in Indiana.

This next one is a picture of us parked for the night.  Notice the door and windows are open.

 And this was taken in the opposite direction showing our closest neighbors.  They did a wonderful job at restoring that Airstream motor-home.  Or, they took real good care of it.  Don’t you wish that you had one like this:

And I clipped the picture down so you could get a better look:

Last night the park we stayed in had a lot of campers but few people.  Kinda like the "Twilight Zone".  Tonight there are very few of either.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Now that's just weird!! I saw one of those Airstream buses jut the other day up the road having tires put on, meant to stop and get pictures later but forgot of course.

    AND that field of yellow flowers ? Aren't those ragweed blooming? :-)

  2. Oh my...that Airstream...lol..of course that caught my eye! Sleeping with the windows open..right now my idea of heaven...

  3. Thanks for the pictures, buddy! Now we can travel along with you vicariously!

    Sure looks peaceful in that park!

  4. Ben, they were wild sunflowers. I guess I should have taken a close up.

    Ain't. I knew you would like it. Heard some thunder in the distance and got up, shut the windows just in case, and turned on the AC. Didn't rain, but all around us. I must be taking the Texas drought along with me.

    Hermit, thought I was going to get you the picture of the rain. But it missed us. Glad you are traveling along.

  5. Boy howdy Dizzy, ain't it great to be out "on the road again". Sure do hope you are hav'n a good time travel'n through all that "yankee" land. Your rig looks good sit'n in amungst them trees.

  6. Hey BB, Yes it is nice getting on the road again. The big problem that I have is that my wife does not like to travel.