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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wondering About a Special Army.

There are a lot of armies in this world.  Almost every country has one, some big and some small.  As far as recorded history goes back, there have been armies.  You have to have an army to fight a war.  I wonder what the world would be like if no country had an army?  I found this picture of a marching army.  I don't know what country they are from or what year it was taken.  It doesn't look like it is a recent picture:

I found this next picture  In this army there are both men and women:

I can't forget the ancient Chinese clay army recently discovered and unearthed:

Most armies are designed to fight and destroy.  In cases of national disaster, they can also be used to help in the emergency, protect and police the area, and help get things back to normal.  But, there is one army that was started on this date in 1865 in England (and still headquartered there) that is a peaceful army and it was formed, not to destroy, but to save, build up, and offer assistance in times of need.  This is the best army in the world.  It is the Salvation Army:

I have heard from past soldiers (some who served as far back as the 2nd World War) that they really appreciated what the Salvation Army did to help and that they did much, much more than the red cross.  I can not say myself which one is better but I have seen natural disasters and the Salvation Army was the first on the site.  So, the next time you see one of these red buckets, donate!!
No, I have no involvement with the organization, other than dropping some money into the red bucket a few times.  I sure hope none of you have any need for the Salvation Army but I do hope you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. Only thing i know about armys,,, Ft Hood just up the road....

    1. The closest I ever got to the army was ROTC and the ROTC marching band when I was in college. ROTC was mandatory the first two years back then.

  2. Red Cross and the Salvation Army have done a lot of good around the world, I think. Well worth supporting!

  3. Going to a military funeral tomorrow for a WWII vet. Seeing the news out of Israel, killing teenagers, I wonder where humanity has gone wrong. The red kettles do restore some of my faith in mankind.

  4. Stephanie has finished week two of a three week survival thing ~ another step to her being an Army helicopter pilot!

    don't know how she's doing it... hot and humid and oh baruther....!