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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wondering about apple seeds and the UK.

"An apple a day will keep the doctor away", is an old saying based on the health benefits of apples.  But did you know that these healthy apples also contain cyanide that when consumed turns to hydrogen cyanide.  You know, the same stuff the Nazis used in their gas chambers.  Now you don't have to quit eating apples, but I wouldn't recommend that you chew up the seeds.  According to my research, the human body is quite able to handle very small amounts of cyanide, but chewing  a handful of apple seeds would kill you.   Now I wouldn't recommend that any of you test this.
What is the proper name of the UK?  Is it England, or Britain, or what?  Well heck, I am forgetting to list Ireland, Scotland, Wells, etc.  I bet Klahanie of http://klahanie.blogspot.com could answer these questions.  Here is a map of the United Kingdom:

The Map below shows all the areas that were once controlled by the United Kingdom.  In other words, it is a map of their kingdom.  Now, they don't control near as much but at one time, they were an empire! 

Well, that is jut a little geography lesson for today.  I probably didn't post anything that you didn't already know.  Any additions or corrections will be gladly accepted.  Now, you all have a great day where ever you are, you hear?


  1. Always took UK to mean United Kingdom, with the various ones in it. What i've wondered is why use Britain instead of England?

    1. Britain and England mean the same thing, the home country. Where as the United Kingdom is all the areas controlled by England. At least that is the way I understand it.