Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wondering about Youpon.

I noticed that some Youpon on my property are blooming.  Later on in the year they will put on red berries.  I took some pictures yesterday of them:

 Here is a close-up of one branch that is loaded with flowers:

 And this is a broader view of the same bush:

So, what do we know about this shrub that grows accross the south?  To start with, its scientific name is "llex vomitoria".  That name sort of gives us a hint to what would happen if we ate the red berries that appear after it is finished blooming or the leaves.  Both will make you sick, although rarely fatel, you may wish it were if you ate it (grin).

This shrub is also hard to get rid of.  If you don't get the roots it will come right back.  I have it all over my property and along with the live oak, it also stays green all year and  it never loses its leaves.  I am sure most of you are familiar with Youpon.

Now, if you need a purge, have a cup of youpon tea.  You can try it if you want, I don't think I will.  I am not all that brave.  Used to be when I was young and undestructable, but now that I have existed for seven decades, I am a lot more careful.  Every minute is precious, you know.  You all have a great day, today, you hear? 


  1. I think cutting and removing it keeps my father-in-law busy in his retirement. :)

  2. Bet the birds love the berries, huh?

  3. I ain't never heared of Youpon, so's I googled yaupon holly at Wikipedia. So tell me, why wouldn't you drink tea from the leaves and stems?

  4. Sixbears, I gave up trying to get rid of it.

    HJ, The berries don't seem to disappear very fast so I don't know if they eat them or not.

    Trouble, I will have take you word for that.

    BB, My wife already told me I miss-spelled yaupon. And they do make some kind of medicinal tea from it, I believe.