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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wandering up the mountain.

 One day I couldn't resist the pull of the mountain, it was calling to me.  So I just had to take a drive up there.  Just after I started up I took a picture back down to where the motor-home was parked.  There were some swithbacks on this road so just the little ole Jeep and me took this side trip.  So, you all come ride along.  Pick on these pictures to enlarge them so you will be able to see everything.

 There was so many beautiful views that I had a hard time deciding what all to show you, so I just picket a few that were spread out along the climb up.  At one switch-back, the Jeep and I passed this stone structure arrayed with antennae:

 At a higher elevation on the same side of the mountain and looking in the same direction as the first picture, you can see we are gaining altitude.  In the forground is our camping area and you can see the whole park back to the Lodge which is the large building at the top:

Going a little higher and on the other side of the mountain, we found ourselves looking down on the town of Fort Davis.  Those are unique rock formations for sure:

And another picture of the rocks.  This mountain range was formed by volcanic action and that is what must have produced the strange rock fomations.

The Jeep and I finally got to the summit.  I took a picture looking east over the vast plains.  I enlarged a small part of that picture to show you this strange building.  I thought it may be a secrete government site where they keep all the UFO's stored, but it turened out to be a very huge greenhouse system for raising fresh vegetables in this harsh climate:

The Jeep wanted proof that it took me to the top of the mountain, so I just had to take its picture:

I took a lot of pictures but if you want to see them all you will have to pay me a visit in person.  Too many to post, for sure.  The hardest part is deciding which ones get posted and which ones don't.  I will not be posting tomrorrow.  Just telling you so you will not worry.  Now, you all have a great day, you hear!!!


  1. You mean you'd rather go to the flea market instead of posting? Geez...
    Liked the field of rocks.

  2. Nice views! Thanks for sharing all those pics with us!

  3. That stone structure with antennas used to be a rather nice building with a front porch to provide shade for folks enjoying the view. Many a sunset picture was taken from that porch. The last wildfire that swept through burned the flammable parts of the building.

  4. I always enjoy the pictures, thanks. Funny how that antenna farm popped up out of the ruins, like wildflowers after a fire.

  5. Trouble, my sliding door malfunctioned. The bearing were shot in the rollers. It is now after 15:00 and I just finished. I have worked since early this morning and my son was nice enough to help most of the morning.

    HJ, it was a beautiful place.

    Barney, thanks for the info, I was wondering what it was. It is amazing how well the area has recovered since the fires. Nature is amazing. BTW, when we went north past Bastrop there were still signs of the fire there on on those tall pines.

  6. Jimkabob, yep, those antenna spread like wild fire.

  7. Enjoying your photos. Looked like a good trip. Government UFO building..so funny stuff. You and my Eva would get along well.

  8. Tell Eva that old grandpa Dizzy says hi. We took hundreds of pictures. While I am driving, my wife snaps a lot of pictures. I have more to show but am afraid that people will get bored with them.

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  10. And here I thought you had walked up that hill! :D

  11. P.S. Do like I do...stretch out your pictures by posting a new one of your trip each day or so as your header picture.

  12. MsB, I walked about half way up the one side and drove the whole way up the other side. Actually the road almost wrapped around the mountain but switched back the other way a couple of times.

    1. OK Dizzy I will take your word for it :D