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Friday, June 6, 2014

Wondering About the Old Ladies.

Back in March I posted a blog about some new babies that my wife got.  Here is the blog to that posting:

Well, I thought that maybe you would be wondering what happened to some of these "little people".  Well, a couple of them have made themselves at home at our place.  They just moved into our house, took over, and sat down, and put their feet up.  You say those sweet old ladies wouldn't do such a thing?  Well I got proof!!  I took a picture this morning to prove how well they are living:

I suppose that it wouldn't be so bad, but they brought all their pets in with them.  The one on the left of the picture has a bear and a cat and the other old lady has two black kittens.  They sat down on two chairs and then both of them put their feet up on a third chair.  You know, old ladies have to put their feet up, right?  Varicose veins?

Anyway, I just wanted you all to know that they are doing just fine and enjoying the golden years of their life, although they are less than three months old.  Actually, the cloth dolls are a lot older than that, but they were just plain white cloth dolls with no features at all.  Thanks to my lovely wife who fixed them up and gave them a new life, they are doing just great!!  Now, I hope all of you are doing just great and make sure you all have a great day, you hear?

Update, my wife is wondering if anyone has noticed that the lady on the left is also holding a hotdog?


  1. Looks like the lady on the left in my view,

    1. I corrected it. I get my right mixed up with their right so it turns out to be "left".

  2. Those ladies are well-dressed, but they don't have fingers, which won't make life easy for them. I'm glad they're wearing shoes, because if they don't have toes it would really depress me.