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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wondering who all reads my blog.

Have you ever wondered who all reads your blog?  Seems the only ones I know for sure read it are the ones that leave a comment.  When I visit and read a blog, I usually leave a comment, but not always.  Sometimes I am limited in time, sometimes I have nothing to add of any importance (but this usually doesn’t stop me - grin), and in a few cases I am on my tablet and it will not let me comment for some unknown reason.  The later happens rarely but has on a couple of blogs that I follow.

Speaking of following blogs, why doesn’t all the blogs that I follow show up on my blog?  They show up on the dashboard but not on the blog itself.  I always pick the “follow publically” button.

Anyway, back to the original subject of wondering who views my blog.  It has been a long time since I have checked my stats, so did so yesterday and decided to see where most of my page views came from.  Of course the biggest share came from the United States, but it was the second place country that was a surprise to me.  Which country would you think it would be?  It was Russia, and I totally didn’t expect that.  I figured Canada, England, or Australia would have been number one.  Goes to show you that you just can’t guess where your viewers live.  Try to guess yours and then go look, bet you will be surprised, also.  Let me know what you find out.  I am also curious if that figure will change over time.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Well, you have an interesting blog with good topics, so people gonna find it.

    I used to follow who read mine , just like I used to do when I had a webpage. Had visitors from all over the World. The ones from the Russia area surprised me, but the ones I liked the most were and are from Australia and New Zealand now days.

    I often wonder how people in those remote countries found our blogs.

  2. I read your blog all the time, Diz. While I'm traveling I'm glancing at a few blogs when I can but really am not keeping up with all of them until I reach my destination. I don't get anything but spam from Russia, but I do like the ones from Oz and Australia.

  3. Wondering bout blog readers is something every blogger does. We all like to see comments, but every reader don't comment......so we wonder.

    Speaking of your followers list. Before you add any to it, you need to delete the ones that no longer blog. Old ones. I see 13 that need removed.

  4. How many blog readers do you actually meet in person?

    Isn't that fun!

  5. I follow blogs daily and yours is on top of the list. All bloggers should understand... that there are the "shy" amongst us.... We shy ones read, follow and look forward to each new post, but never ever comment.

    OK not one to comment, but I done it... thanks for your effort to blog.

  6. Dizzy, I am one of the worst about not leaving comments. I'm on a limited bandwidth here and so every time I leave a message on a blog it has to reload at least once, and if they have the word verification it takes twice....So I've become lazy about the comments (thinking of course that I can save bandwidth every chance I get!)
    Anyway.... If you would like all the blogs you follow to show up on your blog roll here's what ya have to do.
    Go to "edit" your blog roll, click on the "add to list" link and then choose "blogs I follow". It should do the rest of the work for you!
    Have a Super Day!!1

  7. Mine is,,,USA, Russia, France, Canada, then a few more. Can't believe that either.
    And like you, i can't tell if i'm being read or not if no comments, get to wanting to quit, so TY!!! for commenting on mine.

  8. US, Canada, Germany, Briton, Russia in that order. But then I always wonder who the folks are that read in countries that have a different language..........

  9. Ben, the internet is world-wde and it has a translator that can help every one read blogs no matter what language they speak.

    Gypsy, thank you, and all those who read my blog. I feel blessed to have such wonderful people follow my blog.

    BB, I will try to get the list updated. Thanks for sticking with me.

    Sixbears, I have met seven bloggers including you.

    Barney, I always read yours and as many others as possible.

    Anon, thank you and I am sure there are a lot of readers who never comment. At least I hope so.

    SciFi, I always read yours but do not always comment. Thanks for the information.

    Trouble, don,t quit, there are more reading your blog than you know.

    Rod and Loyce, your country order is different than mine but I have know idea why.

  10. Comrade D.D., I usually read your blog on a Kindle fire which won't let me comment either, got to crank up the mainframe to do that. But I really can't use that as an excuse. My one finger typing skills are my biggest limitation. Not to mention spelling, grammer..... math

  11. After the USA my second country is Russia. I have often wondered about that. Is it Russians or is it Americans working in that country?

    Guess I will never know since I have never received a comment from them.

  12. Jimkabob, that is no excuse, you could always email me (grin). I use my tablet to read and I am using right now to comment. I would think that your Kindle should work, too.

    MsB, no one from there has left a comment unless it was anonymous. I always check commnters' info.

  13. I read it, DD, but most times I don't leave a comment.
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX