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Friday, April 13, 2012

Wondering about Jimmy Capps

Last night I watched “Larry’s Country Diner” TV show on RFDTV.  It, by far, is my wife’s and my favorite TV show.  Larry Black is the host.  The announcer who tries to tie things together is Keith Bilbrey.  And Nadine (http://www.nadinenadine.com/) always stops in for a visit; I wrote a blog about her before.  They have special guests from country music artists each week.  But the guy who fascinates me the most is “The Sherriff”, Jimmy Capps.  I could listen to his guitar picking for ever!!  He has to be the best country music guitar picker in the world, in my humble opinion.  If you listen to him play you will agree.

Google Larry’s Country Diner, Nadine, Jimmy Capps, etc. and see all the great things you can find from videos to facts.  You all should watch this show, if you like good old fashioned, clean country fun and music.  Some of the funniest things happen when they make mistakes, but they keep the cameras rolling and you see it as it is without any editing.  It is really good, clean fun.

Now, you all have a great Friday the Thirteenth, you hear?


  1. Sounds like the RFD TV is a good ole Family show. I checked up here but not having cable I can't get it. Thanks for posting the video. That show sounds somewhat like a refined Hee-Haw. That one I could take for a little bit, but then it got too silly.

  2. Ben, Nadine is just a small part of the show. Did you Google "Larry's Country Diner" and take a look at some of the shows highlights?

  3. Friday the 13th???,,,glad you told me. Lost yesterday.

  4. I usually loose a day or two now and then.