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Friday, April 27, 2012

Wondering about my broken steps

Remember when I told you that I broke my steps into the motor-home?  There was a long shoulder bolt that broke off at the shoulder.  The treaded part was three eighths diameter thread and the upper part was half inch diameter by three inches long.  It holds the gear that lifts and lowers the steps.  The bottom cover plate that the head of this shoulder bolt rests on, was bent also.  I fought that thing for a couple of days and finally was going to give up and try to get the whole unit out and take it to the RV repair place.  If I couldn’t get it out, then the RV would have to go to the shop.

I squeezed back under the coach and was about to remove the bolts that held the step assembly into place when I decided that with all the electric and other stuff that it would be more than I wanted tackle at this time.  So, I decided to give it one more try removing the broke off part of bolt.  The main problem was that it broke off up inside a cover plate that had a hole just big enough for the shoulder bolt body to fit through.  I considered buying an Easy-Out and a drill to match and drill a hole in the broke off bolt, pound the Easy-Out in, and then unscrew it.  But, before I headed out to the parts store, I decided to try one more time.  I found the skinniest needle nose pliers that I had and tried to get a grip on it.  The pliers kept slipping but finally got hold enough to start turning it.  I could only turn it a wee, wee bit at a time.  It took awhile and my arm was cramping badly, but I was smiling all the time.  Took the bolt and plate up to the RV place and they now have it on order and it will be here the middle of next week.  Phew, glad that is over!!  Now I wonder if I can remember how it all goes back together???  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Yea Haw!!! Well done!!
    Now, once that's fixed, no more excuses, get out on the road in that thing and go see some places. Just pick a compass direction and start driving. When you get hungry , pull over and eat, when you got tired stop and sleep .

    Go have fun, it's perfect time of the year to go drive Texas.!!!

  2. Sometimes it DOES pay to look again. Especially when you've quit cause your frustrated. Good for you!

  3. At times, being a persistent old fart pays off! Glad you got it fixed!

    Now if you could find someone to put it back on!

    I'm with Ben...time to go on the road!

  4. Good job! When I'm smart, I take photos of something before I take it apart so I'll now how to put it back together . . . when I'm smart.

  5. Ben, I agree yea haw. Now when the parts come in I hope it goes back together OK.

    Trouble, yep I am glad i tried one more time.

    HJ, yep I sure am an old fart and I do like to stick to it till it's done.

    Sixbears, I down loaded and printed out a good picture of it from the manufacter's web site.