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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

When it Rains. . . etc.

It has been a very rainy day here in East Texas.  Of course, you all understand, that everything in Texas is big.  Check out this picture of the Texas Highway Patrol chasing a speeder:

Sometimes you have to walk your dog in the rain, but when it really rains hard, you can take you pet fish for a walk: 

There are days when I thought I heard Noah building an ark:

As we age, we get to be better weather predictors:

Sometimes we also get tornadoes.  In fact, there was one that showed up on the weather Doppler Radar this morning:

 But most of all, it gets hot here in the summer, really hot:

That is enough about the weather.  Here is a scene that happened in a doctor's office.  I bet there are some of you that can emphasize with this last cartoon: 

Well, the rain has stopped for now but it is still cloudy.  You
know that in everyone's life some rain must fall.  Now, rain or shine, you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. My son just spent the morning pulling weeds & grass in my yard, and it will rain for the next 2 days!

    1. That always makes it rain and if you wash your car, it will also rain.

  2. Replies
    1. I got my snorkel and swim fins handy, just in case.

  3. i certainly can relate to the "rain" cartoons. It is so wet here that our lawn is spongy; we have a pond in the back yard; and our mailbox can't even stand up straight anymore.

    1. Yep, our grass is growing so very fast and the ground is too wet for my lawn tractor. Guess it will just have to grow and grow and grow.

  4. Got a good chuckle.

    Did you get a lot of rain at your place yesterday?