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Monday, April 25, 2016

Completed Puzzles.

We like jigsaw puzzles and every now and then we buy some and put them together.  Well, my wife does most of the puzzles and I only help out every now and then.  Well, she finished a couple up and I took some pictures of them before they get taken apart, put back in their boxes, and maybe worked again or passed on to someone else.  These two puzzles fit nicely on our card table.

And look, they both came in the same box.  Yes, the pieces to both puzzles were mixed up together in that one box.  So, it wasn't like doing two puzzles, but one big one. . . . OK, it was like doing two different puzzles, we just had to figure out which pieces went to which puzzle.

I took a closer picture of the bottle caps puzzle.  Sorry, the light blurred part of it:

This second picture is of the other puzzle and it has quite a scene.  There were a lot of everything in that picture puzzle;  a train, tunnel, woods, lake, sky, flowers, and balloons. 

Well, that is the way we have been spending our time, my wife, more than me.  Now I hope today doesn't bring you any unsolved puzzles that you can't solve, just have a great day, you hear?


  1. Those puzzle pieces looked so uniform in size... could you fit "wrong" pieces together? I like all those colors... looks like a fun project. I do 2 jigsaw puzzles on line every day, but nothing as complex as what y'all did!

    1. Some wrong pieced that were the almost perfect color matches almost fit. You didn't dare force any or you would have made a mistake. No, it wasn't real easy.