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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wondering About the King of the Wild Frontier.

Yep, I bet you guessed it, the King of the Wild Frontier I am talking about is Davy Crockett.  I remember the TV show starring Fess Parker who played Crockett, do you?

The above picture is the way I remember Davy, Fess Parker wasn't the only actor to portray him, there were a few, but the most famous would be John Wayne, the Duke.

I am updating this posting, since Gypsy says she doesn't remember John Wayne as Crockett:

So, the movies gave us memories of Davy Crockett, but I bet if any of you has seen his actual picture, you wouldn't recognize him.  He as a lot of things; a woodsman, explorer, Indian fighter, politician, and we all know where he died. . . the Alamo.

Here is an actual picture of Mr. Crockett:

Of course, when I think of Davy Crockett, I see him in buckskins, instead of a fancy suit.  Here is another picture of him the way I think of him:

There are a lot of his quotes recorded for history's sake, but the two that I like best are:
     "All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife."

     "I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks."

You can find more of these quotes here:

Now, you all try not to get lost in the woods, but rather have a great day what ever you do, you hear?
A reader pointed out that these quotes were from Daniel Boone instead of Davy Crockett.  Sorry for the misquotes, my bad!!


  1. I think the photo of Fess Parker more closely resembles the one of the real Davy Crockett, than any picture of John Wayne ever could. I don't remember JW in that role, and never really liked anything he was in except one of his last, "The Shootist". He finally learned how to act!

    1. Since you didn't remember John Wayne as Crockett, I updated my blog posting and inserted his picture as Crockett.

    2. Thanks for posting the picture of John Wayne as Davy. I am sure I never saw him in this role, but if I remember rightly, it was my little brothers who were Davy Crockett fans.

  2. Fess Parker will always be "my" Davy. Great inspiration when I was a kid.

  3. I think you need to revise your post. Those are Daniel Boone's quotes, as is the link you posted. The first quote at Davy Crockett's link is "You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas." http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/d/davy_crockett.html

  4. Don't know what caused all that extra spacing in my post. It didn't look that way in the preview.

  5. Zoe, you are so right, my mistake. I guess I was in too big of a hurry. Glad you caught that. Sorry for the misquotes.

  6. My husband's family traced their roots back to Davy Crocket...they are decedents from a sibling or cousin, I can't remember. There was a lot of family written accounts and words like "double cousins" came up often. We were not sure about how that fit in some cases. My husband's family are in TX and NM, so I believe there might be some truth to their research.

    1. Very interesting and a wonderful fellow to have in his roots. I found this definition: "Double cousins arise when two siblings of one family mate with two siblings of another family."

      Funny your husband's family is in Texas and he moved to Pennsylvania and my family is in Pennsylvania and I moved to Texas.