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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wondering About Norman Rockwell.

This morning, my wife is watching QVC on TV.  One of the things they are selling are battery powered candles with Norman Rockwell painting on them.  I sure loved the paintings of Norman Perceval Rockwell.  Not only was he a very talented artist who could paint such life like paintings, but he was a very prolific painter.  I sure remember all his paintings that appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.  This is what he looked like:

And here are some of his paintings.  The next on was titled, "the movie star".

It was amazing how he could catch the human spirit along with animal life that made his pictures come alive.

This next one was special, because it show Norman looking at a reflection of his wimpy self, and painting it as Sauvé, handsome, pipe smoking, man of the world.

And again, showing both human and animal emotions:

Here is a painting he made of himself painting a picture.

 He also painted one of the most famous magazine covers, ever, of Rosie the Riveter who was an icon of all the women who worked in the factories during WW2 while the men were off fighting in the war.

And the boy about to get a shot in the rear, so he is reading the doc's credentials.

The cop talking the run-a-way boy out of leaving.  Enlarge the picture and you can even see reflections of the windows in the chrome bar stools.
He even painted the moon landing:

I just thought you all would enjoy seeing some of his paintings.  Now, have a great day, you hear?


  1. I always get my calendar with those. Love em

  2. I don't remember seeing Rockwell's painting of the moon landing He sure was perfect for his times..

    1. Yes, the way he could bring things back to life with his drawings and paintings was impressive to me.

  3. He was never considered to be a painter. He was an illustrator. The art professor never explained that to my satisfaction! So, he is a painter to me, also. He was good and painted the good and kind.

    1. What ever you call him, I sure did enjoy his drawing or paintings or illustrations or doodles or whatever. . . and he was good at it.

    2. Fine artists include occupations such as painters, sculptors, sketch artists, cartoonists and illustrators. They all create original works of art. The art professor was an elitist snob.

      Illustrators are fine artists who specialize in creating images for use in publications, such as books, magazines or products such as calendars, wrapping paper and greeting cards. There are also specialized illustrators including medical, scientific and technical illustrators.

      DD with his use of CAD software is of the technical illustrator type and as much a fine artist as your elitist art professor.

    3. I like to draw and pain, also. I posted photos of some of my painting on my blog a while back. I am not real good but enjoy doing it. I go for a year or so without painting and then I get the whim and paint a bunch of pictures.

    4. Ed,
      I suppose the prof liked Norman Rockwell very much. He taught a class that was just Rockwell and Andrew Wyeth. The point he was trying to make was just what you said. He was not a painter but had a different description. He was not coming off as an elitist snob. He was teaching us to discriminate between different works of art and artists. Anyway, I understand what you are saying.

  4. There's no doubt about it DD, Rockwell was a wonderful artist...

  5. DD, will you point me to the post for pictures of your paintings? Didn't realize you do art also. I sure like what I've seen of your wife's art with her cards. I have supplies/materials to work with. Just needing some motivation ....before becoming too crippled to move my parts!