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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Today Is The Big Day!!

Today is the BIG day!!  Yep, today my son and a very wonderful gal are going to tie the knot.  You know, get hitched, tying the knot, taking the plunge, setting up housekeeping, or getting married.  It is my job to get him to the church on time. (Now that reminds me of an old song.)

Then I heard on the evening news about that section of the interstate that the church is on, will be shut down because of work to be done on a bridge.  All the traffic will be detoured off onto the feeder road.  Dang, that could be a real mess.  Now I am wondering just how many hours it will take to make what is normally a half hour trip.  Now, for some reason that song I hinted to above keeps coming to mind, "Get Me To The Church On Time".

Dang, this sure is his week.  He got himself a new wife and a new tractor, but today's event makes one forget about the tractor. . . Now, you all have a great day, too, you hear?



They are hitched!!  It was a very nice ceremony and reception at the church.  I didn't get very many pictures.  My camera was acting up  But tomorrow I will post what I have.


  1. For goodness sake, get him to the church on time!

  2. I sure would check out that feeder road,,,lmao, hate to know it would be way longer to get there.
    Gotta be a Ray Stevens song about that,,,

    1. I followed my son and we went around the back way. Much longer but a lot quicker.

  3. Groom's got two jobs: show up, be reasonably sober. :)
    Looks like he outsourced the first part to you.

    1. He drove himself, but my wife road along with him and I followed behind.