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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter and Out of this World Pictures

First and foremost, let me wish you a very Happy Easter and hope you remember that it just isn't about colored eggs and candy.  Now, let me show you some pictures of some of the many wondrous, beautiful, and spectacular things that reside in our great universe that we are so blessed to be living in.

This nebula has an unusual yellow and white spot in the center and to me, the center white area looks like a face.  I wonder if it could be the reflection of the face of the creator?  What ever it is, to me it looks out of place, very interesting, and awe inspiring.

I zoomed in to get a closer look but this is as clear a view as I could get.  Any closer and it becomes too fuzzy.

This next picture below is probably the most famous one that the Hubble Space Telescope took.  Everyone interested in astronomy has heard of the Eagle Nebula or Pillars of Creation.

How about a view of just the top of the left column in the above picture:

 This is such a huge gas cloud that it is beyond my comprehension.  It is fifty light years across.

The Eagle Nebula isn't the only huge gas cloud out there.  There are many of them and they give birth to many new stars.  Here is a picture of another huge gas cloud.
Some time we humans have the tendency to look in areas and at things that we should not look at.  This last picture shows a gas cloud that wasn't very happy that we took its picture and gave us the universal sign of disgust (grin).

Now, don't let that last picture ruin your day, but have a really great Easter and always be in awe of the creation of our Maker, you hear?


  1. LOL!!!! I love this post! I will have to say though that that first picture kinda reminds me of the clown in that Stephen King book!
    "We all float down here"
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter

    1. Thanks SciFi, I saw that picture and nothing was said about the face. I see faces in all kinds of things, especially in fancy wall paper designs and clouds and. . . Beautiful day here, clear skies and in he 80's. Hope it is nice up your way, too.

  2. LMAOOO,,, and beautiful other pics.
    Have a great Easter, we are.

    1. I am glad you recognize my humor. Some people say I have a strange sense of humor. You have a great Easter, too.