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Friday, July 23, 2010

Old Lincoln

OK, I am back wondering again. Yep, just thinking about automobiles and the progress in design and technology. Have we really come that far?

In my lifetime I have seen a lot changes in style and performance. Some good and some bad.

Let's take style. We went from a box shape to flowing shapes to fins to big to small, just about any style and shape imaginable. Now, it seems we are going back to small box shapes.

When I was very young, my Dad had a car that I wish I had today. It had sleek, flowing lines and a powerful engine. It was 12 cylinder Lincoln.

The first picture below shows a rear view of the car with my Mother standing beside it and me in the driver's seat:

Now, don't tell me that doesn't have flowing lines. . . The next picture shows a front view and my Dad holding me. Notice it has a one piece windshield.

Yep, I was cute at one time.
Now let's discuss performance. Let's see, it had a V-12 engine that was very fuel efficient but had extreme power and quick acceleration. Nothing like that produced in this country. I have a V-10 in my motor-home. It may have more torque, but the old V-12 was a quicker engine.
What is your opinion on the subject? It seems we have gone in a circle and ended up somewhere near the beginning. Or maybe this Dizzy guy is just going around in circles. . .
Remember, you can't run in a circle fast enough to catch your tail if you don't have a tail.


  1. Cool looking ole car. About gas mileage and horsepower. I drove numerous big block Lincolns over the years.Love the ole 460 V8 that Ford used.
    I got great mileage using them in PU's, sedans, and the Towncars.. Hell,they never had to work, or "Lug" , those big ole pistons in the big bore engine just putted along. I personally think the industry blew it by trying to put the power required to move a car down the road with a frigging 4 cyl engine!! That engine has to run so much faster and harder to produce the energy needed to move today's cars. I "think" I said that right. for me,, give me back my big ole 460 V-8s !!

  2. Yep Ben, I agree with you. Let's go back to the good old days. I sure would if I could.

  3. Hey Dizzy,, I seem to remember one of the guys at high school showed up one time in some sort of sports car convertible,,( think Jaguar XK-120 look) He claimed it was a Lincoln and it didn't have a radiator. Ever hear of such an animal?

  4. No Ben, I have not. I had a friend when I was younger who purchased an XKE when he got back from Vietnam. Saved his money through the whole tour.

  5. Lincoln has been a real stylish car though out the ages, I personally think the early 70s -80s ruined many makes that I previously loved. fords mustang2 Lincoln and and t-bird were the biggest victims of the 70s and 80s