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Friday, February 10, 2017

Laugh, Cry, or Scream

Laugh, Cry, or Scream, which do you prefer?  Well that is an easy answer for me because I love to laugh.  So, let me phrase that differently.  Which of the three do you prefer when you choose your reading material, television shows, or movies?

OK, since I am just now writing this blog, you have no way of answering my question because you haven't read it yet. . . or have you???  Wow, that would be really spooky if you did, because I haven't even written all of it yet.

OK, I found three stories on the internet that match those three categories.  This first one, I hope, will make you laugh:


This second story, especially if you have dogs that are a big part of your family, will bring tears to your eye.  It did for me:

The last link is to a site that has twenty very short (two sentence) horror stories.  Even if you have a very short attention span, you will enjoy these: 

Ok, now don't tell me that I didn't try to tickle your funny bone, make you feel bad, and scare you.  Did you shudder at them or not?  I sure hope that nothing happens to you to make you cry or scare you to death, but rather I want you to laugh and have a great day, you hear?


  1. I loved the funny ones, especially the top joke in Canada. I also read the horror stories, but because I don't want to shed any tears I didn't read the sad story.

    1. There were so many great internet sites that had really good jokes, it was hard to narrow down my choices for this blog. I think that you were smart not reading the sad story.

  2. OOOPS!
    He hollered as his bloody hand hit the floor.

    1. Is that the story of the careless butcher with his meat cleaver??

  3. I prefer to laugh. Thanks for the link ;)