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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wondering About Solenodons.

 See this ugly looking jaw bone?  Do you know the longest front tooth in this jaw has a groove in it and rattlesnake type venom runs down that slot into what ever victim this animal decides to bite:

This is only one of two mammals that are poisonous and the other one may not exist.  This one exists (although some thought it went extinct since it was living among the dinosaurs) and I bet you think that the owners of this type jaw and poison must be really mean, ugly looking critters.  Well they are small, about two pounds, and some may say they are cute.  I am not one of those who thinks they are cute.  The next five pictures show what the animal looks like: 

If you ever come across one of these "cute" little creatures, be sure to give it a wide berth.  There are two species of them.  The one lives close to us.  The one is found in the wilds of Cuba and the other in Haiti.  These animals are also endangered and may go extinct.  But it fooled the scientists before and I bet it could do it again.  Now don't run out and try to buy one for a household pet, but rather, have a great day, you hear?


  1. Looks like some kind of cross between a rat and a ground mole... ugly little critter, huh? I'm not likely to go to Haiti soon, but Cuba might be interesting one of these days....

    1. I don't think they would make a very good pet, so when you go to Cuba, look out for them and please don't get bit.

  2. It just looks like an ugly ol' rat to me!