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Thursday, May 28, 2015

What Are They Barking At??

Our dogs just love to bark at things.  It is like the story of the little boy who liked to cry "wolf"!  After awhile we don't take immediate action to see what it is that is disturbing them, although I sure don't need a door bell.
Yes, even are nice, cute little Shih-Tzu pups can make quite a racket.

Today, after I put them out, they started making quite a racket.  I figured there must be something bothering them and the thing I found has made them bark before; a turtle:

Can you see the scratch marks in the dirt on this side of the fence?  Those were made by my dogs trying to make the turtle move or get at it or what ever was on their mind.  Why was the turtle on the move?  Was it to lay eggs or did the heavy storms put too much water in the swamp and it was afraid that it would drown?

Sorry this is late getting posted.  Had to take the three pups up to the Feed Store where the Mobile Vet sets up once a month and we go there once a year to get our dogs their shots and heartworm medication.  A real nice service for us country folk with dogs.  They always have a huge turnout and today was no exception.  It was hot and they set up outside, so I feel much better getting back into the AC and the dogs are real happy to get home, too.  Sure hope you have a great day, you hear?


  1. Our daughter in Texas dog will stand at the base of a telephone pole and bark for hours at a vulture that is sitting at the top. Doesn't seem to phase the vultures at all.... silly dog.

    1. The antics of our pets always seem to make me smile. Maybe it is just Texas that makes our dogs "silly" (gin).