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Monday, March 17, 2014

Well, first let me wish you all a happy St. Patrick's Day.  So, who was St. Patrick anyway?  If you are like me, you really don't know very much about him.  I got curious this morning and spent way too much time reading about him.  But first, do you know how the shamrock got associated with St. Patrick's Day?

He was born and raised in Britain in the 4th century where, at the age of 16, he was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish raiders.  Six years later he escaped and became a priest in Britain.  Then later, he chose to return to Ireland as a missionary to spread Christianity to the pagans there.

So, how does this explain the connection to the shamrock?  The answer to that is that, according to folklore, he used a shamrock to explain the Christian concept of Trinity to the Irish people.  I guess because it has three leaves attached at the same point at the top of a stem. 
OK, but where did the green beer come from???

I am going to leave you with the following Irish joke, so have  great St. Patrick's Day, you hear?
On a fine St. Patrick's Day afternoon, Brian O'Malley stumbled into his local tavern for a refreshing pint. After the bartender served him a tall glass of Guinness, he turned and noticed that the man seated next to him was staring at an empty glass, so Brian ordered him a drink.
"Was that a Guinness you're drinking?" asked Brian.
"Yes, sir," replied the man.
"I can't believe it! I'm drinking Guinness too! Bartender, a Guinness for my new friend!"
The bartender obliged and the men continued their conversation.
"Where are you from, sir," asked Brian to the man.
"I was born and raised in Dublin," he explained.
"Well, I'll be. I'm from Dublin too!" exclaimed Brian.
"To Dublin!" they toast.
"Where did you go to school?" asked Brian.
"I went to St. Mary's Academy," replied the man. "I graduated in '72"
"I can't believe it! I too went to St. Mary's and graduated in '72!"
Their conversation continues as another patron walks into the tavern.
"What's new around here today?" the patron asks the bartender.
"Not much," the bartender says. "The O'Malley twins are drunk again."


  1. I like the joke! I think the green beer is strictly an American invention. They don't do it in Ireland.

    1. So, what do they do to celebrate St. Patrick's day in Ireland?

    2. First thing is to attend Mass. Then they go to town to watch the parades (not so much like US parades though) and of course, hit the pubs. That's where all the action is and it is quite fun. They are all packed and you see folks you haven't seen for a while, and just have a really good time socializing.

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

    I used to love to celebrate this holiday when I was in my 20's and 30's. Loved when they dyed the San Antonio River green and celebrated in the Irish tavern on the river walk which name right now eludes me.

    Enjoyed the joke :D

    1. I have seen some ponds that must celebrate St. patrick's day all the time (grin). I didn't know abour the San Antonio River being died green. Bet it took a lot of dye.

  3. Years ago St Patrick's Day was celebrated more than Halloween in my hometown, a little college town in Ohio. Now their Halloween celebrations make the national news every year... how many arrests, damage etc. Don't know if the kids there today even know about green beer ;-)

    1. I don't really celebrate any holiday. I try to make every day a holiday.

  4. Liked the joke...
    Never was much of a celebration around here for StPs day.