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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wondering about the TX Lotto.

OK, I admit it, I buy lottery tickets twice a week.  I get one Cash Five ticket with the same numbers every time.  I get three Lotto numbers, one of which is the same number every time and the other two are quick picks.  Why do I play?  I thought of quitting but if I did and my numbers came up I would be very, very disappointed and depressed, so I keep on buying them.

Last night, I almost won.  Now, from what they tell me, almost is not good enough.  I started to take notice when I checked the winning numbers on the official web site and the first two were matches on my first line of numbers.  Now comes the almost amazing part, the last four numbers were only one off.  What are the chances of that?!?  Maybe I ought to frame that ticket.  If you do the math, the chances of that happening is about the same as getting them all right.  Well, I guess the chance of getting any six numbers would be the same as getting any other six numbers, but the chance of getting my six numbers seems to be impossible.  Anyway, I am too old to spend all that money, right?  WRONG!!!  Now, you have a great day, you hear?


  1. One time, I filled out 3 tickets and forgot to go by and get them,,was one of the huge pots too. I threw those things away without ever looking at them,,so,,was there a winner in them or not? hahahaha,,I didn't want to know.

  2. I am looking forward to buying lotto tickets when I get back next month. The family from MO that won half of the big Powerball lotto is from the hometown of my family, my family knows them and my Mom went to school with the wife's Mother. So, I'm going to the same gas station store they did and buy a bunch of tickets. Can't hurt!

    1. Hmmmmm....makes me wonder what the odds would be for the same gas station to "hit" again.

  3. I played pick 5 a few years ago. Only played it 3 times...$9 worth. Won me up $54 an' ain't play since.
    As with any scam game, I think the lottery is the biggest.

  4. When the Lotto first started back in the 90's I used to play the same numbers every time. Just one ticket twice a week.

    I was on my way to work when the radio station gave out the prior night's winning numbers. I heard the first three numbers that were a match. I got so excited that I blanked out the rest.

    Back then Internet was not as prevalent as it is today so ended up using their telephone line to get the rest of the numbers. I got four!!!

    I won $77.00 called it even for all the money I had previously spent and never played again.

  5. I came to the realization years ago that I would never win big money but would have to work for everything I get. I've won a small amount at the racetrack and then quit going to the races because I knew it would never happen again. Same thing with the slot machines in Reno. So I don't gamble and every time I break down and buy a lottery ticket I want to kick myself.

  6. Trouble, it is always the winning ticket that gets lost, right?

    Shadowmoss, if you can afford it there is no harm in buying the lotto tickets.

    BB, those odds we be about the same as winning. You came out ahead, unlike most people.

    MsB, you have done better than me and most of the others who buy tickets.

    Gypsy, I enjoy a game of chance now and then. It ha been way too long since I have been in a good poker game.

  7. I wonder a lot about the star, spiders, plants and sometimes even what I'm gonna fix for dinner... but have to admit that I've never given the lottery much thought. But then I wonder... is that because my dad was a gambler.... hmmmm

  8. The Odd Essay, that very well could be.

  9. At my age, I figure I've already got enough troubles without having to worry about accountants, lawyers, and taxes. Then what? I'd love to build a no-kill shelter the size of Kentucky. Other than that, I've got one of everything I need and don't need TWO.

    "You can take the hick outta the hills, but you can't take the hills outta the hick" and that's me.

  10. Dizzy-Dick, as a former mathematician, I would have to tell you that your odds of winning any of those scenarios are very very slim. However, somebody does win.

  11. Lotta joy, I feel the same way but often dreamed of having enough money that I could travel around and give money to throse I find that need.

    Jill, using the factorial equations would sure make me dizzy. . .