Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wondering about wandering and our weather.

First of all I have to say (don't want to admit it) but it is COLD outside.  Although it will be in the 70's today and the 80' tomorrow, it was cold yesterday morning and really cold this morning.  It got down to 35 degrees here, now that had to break a record for sure.  Maybe we had our winter early this year and it will be warm the rest of the year.  Since I always say that, "yes we have a winter down here, last year it came on a Thursday", this can't be our winter because it ain't Thursday (grin).

I have been wondering about doing some wandering.  My wife has her last eye doctor appointment next Tuesday and I think the dogs' grooming appointment is for the middle of the week.  Therefore, we may be able to go some where after that.  I have been looking via the internet at the Texas State Parks.  There are a lot of them and I would like to visit as many as I can.  There used to be a length limit of 36 feet for RVs, but I didn't see anything about that on their websites.  My RV is longer than that, so I guess when we decide which one we will first go to, I will have to call ahead and make plans.  When I had my travel trailer and then my class-C, we stayed at three different state parks, Huntsville, Bastrop, and Galveston and only at Inks Lake in the "bus".

Texas has a lot of nice state parks and because of the diversity of the landscape, they are all different.  Some are on lakes, some on the Gulf, some in the desert, some in the woods, some on the prairie, some in the mountains, and some in canyons.  I would like to visit as many as I can.  I have been in and through a lot of the other states from Arizona to Pennsylvania, but I have never had my latest RV out of Texas.  I hope that will change real soon, too.  Now, I guess I will only wander down to the flea market and be in wonder of all the varied items that people have to sell.  I usually don't buy anything but the wife does.  We also get our fresh tomatoes there.  Now you all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. 23, windy and snowing right now Dizzy. Doing some work on the boat as we plan on heading south after New Year's. Always looks a bit weird to be doing stuff on the boat in weather like this.

  2. I think 6bears is CRAZY,,,,HAHAHAHAH.
    Yeah, TX has everything you could possibly want.

  3. The bugs are a lot less in the winter in Texas. Consider Falcon State Park this time of the year. Most of the year it is too hot down there.

  4. These cooler mornings do make you want to get out and do some "camping!"

    About time you got that new bus out on a real trip, I think!

  5. Hammer down, DD. Let's see some scenery. I'd say this would be a good time of year to visit the Texas state parks.

  6. Sixbears, it wouldn't be easy working outside in that cold weather, whether it is on a boat or anything else.

    Trouble, it got up in he 70's today. . . Nice here.

    Barney, no frost yet but the bugs have mostly dissapeared.

    HJ, haven't been on a trip long enough to need to use the washer and drier in it. Don't know if they work.

    Jimkabob, yes it is, hurry up and get your RV and try some out yourself.