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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Tools With Multiple Uses.

Some tools can be used for more things than what they were designed for.  You know, like the claw hammer.  The claw part makes a wonderful backscratcher for parts that you can't reach.  There is always an itch that finds that small part in the middle of your back that no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to reach it.

Other tools and possible options are:

A screw driver.
- it can be used as an icepick.
- it can be used as a chisel.
- it can be used to open paint cans.
- it can be used as a pry bar.
- it can be used as a weapon
- and many, many more.

A hand saw.
- it can cut non-metallic stuff.
- some people can even make music using a bow.
- it is good at cutting straight lines.

A coping saw.

- it can also cut non-metallic stuff.
- it can cut curved lines, etc.

A wrench.
- it can be used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts.
- an adjustable wrench is a must for plumbing.
- and of course, someone always throws in the monkey wrench to mess things up.

A claw hammer.
- other than a back scratcher, it can be used to pound in or remove nails, etc.
- it also works to put a robber out of commission. (grin)

I could go on and on but I think I will stop here and let you fill in all the missing tools and their uses.  Now, have a great day, you hear?


  1. Glad to see your mind is working well in the usual manner. I am sitting here in the drizzling rain in the piney woods wishing for some desert air.

    1. It is easier to live here if you can grow webs between your toes.

  2. Yes think I have used those tools for all of those things except playing music.

    1. I don't always use the right tool for the job but which ever tool is handy (grin).

  3. I believe the screwdriver gets the award for most misused tool.

  4. These are great, then there is the butter knife, great for a spline to put new screens on the frame, for a flat head screw, can open a paint can and of course spreading butter or peanut butter and jelly

    1. Now you have made me hungry, so I will have to go spread some almond butter on something.

  5. My wife pried out a loose tooth as a kid with a screw driver. Her own tooth!

    1. Now that is a new one for me. She was a tough kid.

  6. Great uses for all those tools. I keep a claw hammer under the bed for protection.

    1. I wouldn't want the job of waking you up in the morning (grin).

  7. I do not own tools except for a screwdriver that gets little use.

    1. It is a lot easier just to know someone who has tools and knows how to use them.

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  9. Hey DD, hope things are going well for you. It's been awhile. Let us know how you and family are doing.