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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Large Hopper

There was a large hopper on my deck again.  No, I don't mean a container, I mean a real, live hopper.  This is another of those really big ones that show up here once in a while.  This one that showed up this evening was almost four inches long.  I don't think it has been missing too many meals since it looked a little on the chubby side.

And a close-up of this big hopper:

As I said above, one shows up every so often.  Actually, they don't show up every year, so I am glad to be able to take pictures of them when they do.  I am sure that a swarm of them could wipe a grain field clean as a paved parking lot.  One or two of them at a time are nice to see. . . a large swarm, not so nice and hope I never see a large swarm.

Here is a link to one of my old blog posts about another one that stopped for a visit:

You all have a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow, you hear?


  1. When I lived in Merritt Island, central Florida I was out at the pool pump and spotted one. Got my wife out to see it and brought it in the house as a pet.

    You could feed it lettuce by hand. They're very slow and fun to watch. After about 4 to 6 months it croaked. Interesting creature to watch for us. And the coloring was exactly the same.

    After our cat died we had lots of lizards. Donna would pick grumps off the plants. The lizard population had a social hierarchy. Donna could feed the alpha lizard by hand. And his girlfriend was the only lizard that could approach him. He would hold the bug in his mouth and she could take from him. Interesting to watch all God critters.

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  3. Cramps = Grubs. Sorry 'bout dat.

  4. Nature and all of God's critters are wondrous. I sure do love to watch what goes on out in the fields, forests, and ponds.

  5. How can something look so wonderful and so horrific at the same time?

    1. Just like some of the most beautiful snakes are the deadliest.

  6. That hopper is a real beauty. It sure is big though. Great picture.

  7. They call these "Mexican Generals" down Terlingua way.