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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wondering what to write about.

I just wasted (depends how you look at it) the entire morning trying to find something new and exciting to write about in today's blog.  I got my Weird History 101 book out and read about pirates, I read about Indians, I read about the Earps and Tombstone, I read about the Red Barren, I read about past presidents, I read about atomic bombs, I read about a lot of things.  So, what do you want to hear about?

How about the "duck and cover" era when we all worried about missiles carrying an atomic or hydrogen warhead.  A lot of people had dug fall out shelters and stocked them with food and water.  I guess those same people today would be called "preppers", right?  And the Cuban missile crises?  So, what did we who lived through that time learn about those terrible weapons?  About the only thing I remember was when we see a flash of bright light, duck and cover; but what happens if it happens during a thunder and lightning storm?  David Miller, department of Energy spokesman said: "All you have to do [to protect yourself form radiation] is go down to the bottom of your swimming pool and hold your breath".  OK??  For how long?  A couple of hours or days or???  I think he said that with his tongue in his cheek.

When it comes to an atomic explosion, distance is our friend.  The further away from ground zero the better off.  The size of the bomb is important but not as much as one would think.  If you double the size it only extends the damage a quarter more.  If you increase the size by 100 times it will only extend the damage 4.5 times.

OK, if this upsets you, here is another thing that may be worse!!  In the Internal Revenue Service Handbook (1976) it says, "During a state of national emergency resulting from enemy attack, the essential functions for the Service will be as follows: (1) assessing, collecting, and recording taxes. . . ."

Now, if you can, have yourselves a great day, you hear?



  1. The 1950's duck & cover stuff was for an atomic bomb. The ones we, our friends, and our enemies have now would just vaporize us. Realistically speaking, in the event of a dire emergency such as an atomic bomb explosion, we would want the government and its agencies to be able to continue. If they all just closed up shop we would have anarchy. There is no way to have a country this size with no rules or taxes.

    1. An atomic bomb explosion is somewhat localized. One explosion is not going to shut the government down unless that one is in Washington D. C.
      You are correct about the size of our country but it is it's people size and not the land mass size. The country functioned rather well for many years until it became overrun with people that needed to be controlled with more and more rules and taxes. Multiple atom bombs could make it a smaller size but then again more and more rules and taxes may do the same thing.

  2. Since we've lived many summers right next to bunkers that held the atomic bombs during the cold war, I've probably given this more thought in the last 10 years than I ever did during the 50's. I'll admit that most of what I think is that had we had a nuclear attack... or even an accident handling one of our own bombs, a bomb shelter or anything else wasn't going to do us much good... either at the time or later. Does kinda make me wonder a bit about those radioactive landfills that I mow each summer......

  3. When we first moved here, I saw these clouds in the sky and asked what it was. Well, we had moved within 12 miles of a Nuclear reactor. Now it's got so many cracks in it that it's "no longer functioning". Then I wonder.....does that mean it's leaking......

    I wonder how the IRS will track me when I'm running up the road with my hair on fire.

  4. Dizzy-Dick, when it's time to go, it's time to go (death) we can do all we want to try to preserve our life, but when your number gets called, holding your breath won't help. Digging deep won't help. Running from ground zero won't help.
    My advice. Live today like it's your last. Have a lovely week mate. I need to finish off that death defying bunker :)

  5. Funny, i'm just reading about how those nuclear bombs were built back then, in the book i'm on. My "man"s gotta stop one from detonating. Gonna have to do it quick, book's almost at the end....lol.

  6. Gypsy, you are correct and yes, we need to pay taxes to run the government, but if it were more efficient, the taxes would be lower.

    The Odd Essay, When we lived north of Fort Worth, there were missile siloes around the area and some strange looking antenna arrays.

    lotta joy, I would hope that it is not leaking but you never know for sure, unless when you run up the road you leave a radioactive trail behind you. . .

    Rum-Punch Drunk, That is my theory, that every day may be my last, and at my age and with some health problems, it may will be. . .

    Trouble, maybe it went off before he could stop it and he couldn't finish the book (grin).

  7. should we assume the IRS are like cockroaches, they will live through nuclear fallout!