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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wandering around a bit-1

Sorry I have not updated my blog, but have been on the road and with three dogs to walk and not enough hours in the day, I have not had the computer unpacked until this evening.  Ok, what have I been doing?

First night we stayed at the KOA in Texarkana.  It was HOT, way TOO HOT.  It must have been way over a hundred.  The dogs suffered, my wife suffered, and I suffered.  AC couldn’t keep up.  Miserable, but survived.

The next night we stayed at a KOA on I-55 in Missouri close to Hayti and Portageville.  Somewhat cooler and actually enjoyed the stay and we all started to feel better.

I am now sitting in a KOA at Casey, Illinois on I-70.  It is a lot cooler here and the KOA people got on our good side by giving us a couple of really delicious cookies.  We are in a nice shady spot and all is well.  Everything, so far, has performed just fine.

We are not in a hurry to get anywhere at any specific time, except for one.  My wife asked me to drive slow this trip, and I am.  I have set the cruise control at 57 mph, and what surprise.  Did you know that the lanes on the interstate are dotted instead of blurred solid line?  Well, if you drive slowly enough, they are.  And another thing, the time it takes to get somewhere does not seem to be much different than when you drive 70 or so.  I didn’t think that I could stand to drive that slowly on the interstates, but I actually enjoy it.  Kind of relaxing, and can look around a lot more.

Well, it is about time to eat.  Don’t want to miss that.  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. You write of driving slowly DD. In more than ten years on the road I've never pulled out to pass another vehicle except a tractor. I'm just not ever in any hurry to get anywhere, especially to the end of my life. It's surprising what you see when you slow down isn't it. Enjoy your road trip...

  2. Glad things are going well. My bank account really responds well to me driving 55 even on the interstates. Of course my trailer tires are ST series and all ST series have a speed limit of 65, so 70 is not acceptable for my trailer. Have fun.

  3. Well, thank you for the update . So I can call the sheriff and DPS and tell them to quit looking for you? :-)
    Bet you getting much better gas mile driving slower also huh?
    Have fun, keep notes so you can update your blog. TAKE PICTURES!!!

  4. FT yes it is nice to be able to look aroung a lot more.

    Barney, Actually it didn't do as will in gas usage as I thougth it would, will check it again today. In the past when I got in a state with low speed limits, it got a couple of miles per gallon better. That is a big percentage when it averages around 8 mpg.

    Ben, call of the DPS, don't want bothered. I haven't taken any pictures yet, not much to take, and can't do it while driving. Been on this route so many times that nothing looks new or exciting. I do like the green hills and all the trees.

  5. Well you went the right direction as it was 110 in Terlingua yesterday. Keep heading North!! : )

  6. Sweet, if you're ever up in the Deerfield (northern Chicagoland), IL area, we have a set of hookups for you.

  7. Best part of the trip will be if you get to an area that is getting some rain! That we could use a picture of here at home!

    Sounds like you are doing all the good, especially if they are passing out cookies!

    Have a safe trip, my friend!

  8. Fran, yep after the first night it got better. I am used to heat, but that first night got to me.

    Grant, you bet I will keep that in mind.

    HJ, I have been taking the blue skies with me. Cookies are good. . .