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Monday, April 4, 2016

Are You a Has Been Star?

Have any of you ever thought that they would like to be a star?

Or that some where in you past one or more of your relatives may have been movie or music stars?  Even if there were no stars in your past, you are made of star stuff, each and every one of you.

In fact the Earth and everything was once part of a star. . . no, not the movie kind, the kind that are twinkling overhead on a clear night.  The universe is full of huge inter-stellar dust clouds left over from the "Big Bang" and over time, some parts of these dust clouds collapsed in on themselves and created stars.  Some of these stars exploded (a super nova) to help seed the universe.  Here are some super nova pictures:
A big blue space eye watching you.....That bright spot in the center is the glowing cinder left after the star blew off its outer layers.

Now we can't be prejudiced just because I have blue eyes, so here is a brown eye looking at you from space:

And this every color one which is Nova-1987A:

For more pictures, see my older posting a few days ago.  Go to this site: OLD POST

Not only were stars formed, but our solar system and everything else that is flying around out there.  The dating of the oldest meteorites shows that they were formed 4568 million years ago.

So, as you see, we are all made of star stuff and our lineage goes back a long, long way.  All things came together to give the third planet from our sun everything it needed to support life of all kinds.  How did this life get started?  That is a topic for another blog sometime in the future.


  1. Nope... never gave stardom a thought.... but... I love seeing a shooting star... have spent many perseoid (sp?) meteroite showers laying out in a field hoping to see showers of stars.... guess I'm just glad whatever happened all those millions of years ago created the life as I know it today ;0

    1. Those hunks of space rocks are meteors until they hit the Earth. After which, the are called meteorites. If you see it in the sky, it is a meteor, if you can hold it in your hand, it is a meteorite.

  2. I am a star in my own right. I am a star to my hubby, my son and my grandson. Those are some beautiful pictures you posted today.

    1. And now you know that you are actually made of star stuff.