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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wondering about the presidents' nicknames.

A lot of our presidents here in the U.S. have had unique nicknames.  I wonder how many of them you know?  I only knew a couple of them, but then, politics is not one of my stronger suits.  Here are a few presidential nicknames:

Richard Nixon - "Tricky Dicky"  He was called that before his illegal activities were known.

Woodrow Wilson - "Peck's Bad Boy"  Because of allegations that he had an affair with Mary Allen Peck.

Benjamin Harrison - "Little Ben"  He was 5'6" tall.  He was also the "White House Iceberg"  because of his icy demeanor.

Grover Cleveland - he had a few, some of which are "His Obstinacy", The beast of Buffalo, and "The Hangman of Buffalo".

Chester A. Arthur - "The Dude President", because of his flashy attire.

Rutherford B. Hayes - "The Usurper" and "His Fraudulency" because they felt the election was rigged.

Ulysses S. Grant - "Grant the Butcher" because of the high number of casualties among his troops during the Civil War.

Franklin Pierce - "Doughface", meaning a Northern man with Southern principles.

James K. Polk - "The Plodder"

John Tyler - "His Accidency" because he became president when Harrison died.  He was also called: "The Accident of an Accident" and "Executive Ass".

William Henry Harrison - "Granny Harrison" and "Old Tip-ler" because his supporters called him "Tippecanoe" and "Old Tip".

John Adams - "King John the Second" since people accused him of being a snob and aristocrat.  He was also called "His Rotundity".

I suppose we can all remember the slogan "I like Ike" when Eisenhower was running for election.  None of the presidents have been immune form the citizens' generated nicknames, not even the current one (but I will not go there).

It is another beautiful morning.  Yesterday was so nice I got most of the grass cut.  Now, you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. I wonder when we began to refer to the presidents by their initials: FDR, HST, DDE, JFK, LBJ and so on. I don't remember calling Carter by his initials.

    1. I don't know but do know that Hiram Ulysses Grant's name was changed to Ulysses Simpson Grant so that his initials would be U.S. before he entered West Point.

  2. I was born during the "reign" of "King Franklin".... who had several nicknames... probably the most well known - FDR. Your blog got me to wondering how many babies are named after presidents. I have several "Andrew Jackson Wallace"s in my family... as well as a "Grover Cleveland Wallace".... There were at least 3 "Eleanor"s in my grade school classes. And I remember a set of twins born during JFK's term being named Jackie and John.

    1. I have an older cousin who's name is Franklin. And of course a cousin Carol who was born at Christmas time. My wife and I have the same initals for our first and last names and of course so did our two sons.

  3. Howdy DD&D,
    Ever since I saw the VERY FIRST picture of our IMPERIOUS EMPEROR he has been THE EMPEROR.... He just has an 'I don't give a 'd..m' what you think I'VE GOT IT and TO H..L WITH YOU !!!!'

  4. I just call him The Resident. But what is really interesting is when you can find out what the Secret Service uses as the code names. I don't think they'd have any for the The Resident and his wife, unless it was considered cool and highly complimentary.

    If I live long enough, and can afford to get there, I can call him GONE.

    1. I got other names. . . but "gone" will be good enough.

  5. Replies
    1. I suppose someone can justify the first time elected, but the second?

  6. The nickname I have for the current prez is not suitable for your blog! Let's just say that it isn't very nice!

  7. I have heard, and read, many names for our current President but favor King Obama the Petulant. That one you can used in mixed company other than mixed with Obama supporters.