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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Update on the Swamp

Since we have had little to no rain since last October (the worst drought this area has had in recorded history), there is not much remaining of my normally 5 to 6 acre swamp.  The original deepest part when the swamp is full was around five feet.  The picture below shows only the deepest part of it and only a puddle is left.  If it were full, the water would be almost to the top of those weeds and would extend past the edge of this picture:

(Pictures can be enlarged)

This next picture shows the hole I dug with a borrowed tractor back a few years ago. If we were looking at a normal water level, the water would extend to and into the tree line.

Here is a picture of the tractor I used to dig the hole:

I dug that whole out the last time the swamp dried up and that was in September of 1999. The difference in that drought is that it started in the summer time instead of the fall, so that the extra heat hurried things along. Now that we have been having a lot of days when the temperature has exceeded 100 degrees, I am sure any remaining water will quickly disappear. I guess it is just a cycle of life (or death). Nature can destroy but it can then repair itself quickly. Let us hope the repairing part starts pretty quick.

On a side note, I want to take a poll. When you swirl you coffee (or any liquid) around in a cup, do you swirl it clockwise or counter clockwise when looking down on the cup? If you swirl it clockwise, are you left handed? Just curious.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. I swirl clockwise, but am more or less right handed (I'm pretty ambidextrous).

  2. Right handed, clockwise,...coffee maniac.

  3. clock wise, just enough to dissolve my powered cream stuff.

  4. Shoot, I had something else I wanted to comment on,, so here's no. 2!!

    While it's so dry, why not have a well digger come out and punch you a hole in the pond till you hit water? Then stick a windmill on it and let it run it when the level drops , just to keep it full?

  5. Clockwise...righty. I stir to melt the ice to cool the coffee so I can drink more!

  6. No swirl here, but you probably expected something like this from me, didn't you Dick! :>)

    I just pour and gulp. I drink it black, so there is nothing to swirl.

  7. Grant, I am right handed and swirl mine counter clock wise (CCW)

    Michael, I also have to have my coffee, and strong.

    Ben, I don’t use cream, but still swirl

    Ben (again), Don’t think I would do that for two reasons, 1st, it is too expensive and 2nd a well pumping water into my pond in droughts would probably make my drinking water well go dry.

    Frann, but doesn’t that weaken it?

    Ernest, gulp and drink sounds OK to me.

    To all of you, thanks for the comments and I guess I am the odd ball here. I am right handed and swirl CCW. I drink my coffee strong and black. Sometimes, when my wife makes coffee to weak for me, I add some instant Kava to strengthen the brewed coffee, and then I swirl. . .

  8. I swirl my coffee w/cream, counterclock wise, and, I'm right handed.
    I use my little creek in the back yard as a sign to either do the laundry at home or take it to the laundrymat. If it dries up, and it has done that, cause it is spring-fed, then I don't want to tax my well. I think PA is in for a hot, dry summer.

  9. Sharon, well I am glad I am not the only one. Maybe it is becuase I spent the first 36 or so years of my live in Pennsylvania, your state.

  10. I swirl it counter-clockwise, and i'm right handed.

  11. counterclockwise and I'm left handed

  12. Gypsy, I do the same thing

    Seth, There just don't seem to be a set pattern. I thought there would be.

    So far we have 4 RH-CW, 3 RH-CCW, 1 LH-CCW and 1 no swirl at all.

  13. DD, It looks like an excellent time to put in a boat ramp for the Bubba Boat.

  14. Barney, my sons built a nice dock when we first moved here. That was back in the ancient times when it rained.

  15. swirl coffee clock wise and I'm right handed; usually. :)

  16. Kellie, I guess I am just different.