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Monday, September 15, 2014

Wondering Why I Can't Find My Nut Butter.

I really love my nut butter.  Notice I said "nut" butter.  I do not eat peanuts, peanut butter, or anything that has peanuts.  No, I am not allergic to them, it is just that they are universally contaminated with mycotoxins.  First of all, they are not nuts, they are legumes and they don't grow on trees, they grow underground.
I am sure you have seen the black stain on the inside and outside of peanut shells, right?  That black stuff is mold and mold can poison you with mycotoxins.  Maybe I will make another post sometime on all sources of mycotoxins and explain what they are.  For now, just know that you do not want anything to do with them.
I just love almond butter.  Cashew butter is also great but way too expensive to eat it everyday.  I used to be able to purchase MaraNatha crunchy almond butter but was unable to find it in two different stores where I have always bought it in the past.  I have been noticing that price has been creeping up.  Guess maybe there is a shortage of it?  Gee, I hope not.
Here is what I love:
And here is what my wife likes:
I use it on a lot of things.  This morning I had rolled oats and put butter and almond butter on it and sweetened it with agave.
Peanuts don't grow on trees but most all other nuts do.  Here is a picture of an almond nut tree in full bloom:
And this is how almonds grow:
 On Aug. 19th. there was a recall on some almond butter.  Although it included my brand, it was a different size container.  OK, now I am completely out of both crunchy and creamy.  What ever should I do?  I did see a jar from another producer, but the price was over three times as much as the ones I have been buying.  I have a bag of walnuts, I wonder if I put oil and walnuts in a blender if I could get a fair substitute?  Now, just because I am out of nutter butter, doesn't mean you should not have a great day, you hear?


  1. Sure DD, i think you should do that...

    1. I just might. I am curious what walnuts would taste like when made into butter. I will put it on my bucket list.

  2. Look it up on the internet. I don't think you need water.

    You are so right about peanuts and the danger. I really hate eating them, although I do. if I keep them around too long, I toss them out.

    1. When I first moved on the land I live on now, I had a huge garden and part of that garden was peanuts. I always liked peanuts and there are so many ways you prepare them and use them. But now, I stick to the almond butter.

  3. I think you have a misplaced overweening fear of mycotoxins/aflatoxins in peanuts and grains. You can not avoid them unless you stop eating, they are everywhere.

    Aflatoxin is found in soil, plants and animals, ALL kinds of nuts, especially peanuts and walnuts. In soybean, rice, corn, pasta, condiments, and edible oil products.

    Aflatoxins are found occasionally in milk, cheese, peanuts, cottonseed, almonds, figs, spices, and a variety of other foods and feeds.

    Milk, eggs, and meat products are sometimes contaminated because of the animal consumption of aflatoxin contaminated

    Cottonseed, Brazil nuts, copra, various TREE NUTS and pistachio nuts are the other commodities QUITE susceptible to the invasion of aflatoxin producing fungi.

  4. love almond butter and cashew butter ... I do eat peanut butter but it's the organic kind ... ingredients are ... peanuts and nothing else. I lot of people can die from eating peanuts or nuts period... scary

    Here's a link to buy all kinds of nut and seed butters... I like 'em all...